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Herman Cain would "shed" his skin color to appease conservative white voters.

On MSNBC Goldie Taylor, writer for a website called The Grio, said if given the chance, Herman Cain would "shed" his skin color to appease conservative white voters. Taylor and other contributors to TheGrio.com appear frequently on MSNBC to discuss issues dealing with race.

"You know, the way that he raises his candidacy is that he placates a base.

More and video here : http://www.hermancainforums.com/index.php/topic,1103.0.html

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I don't like giving this site the traffic:

So here is a direct link.


I love my country
I am appalled by my government

It sounds to me like Goldie

It sounds to me like Goldie Taylor it the north end of a south-bound horse. The implication here is that Conservative white voters are somehow, racists.

It is the Liberal element that always makes noise about skin color. It is the Liberal element that deals in stereotypes, like this insult.

Is it any wonder that MSNBC and the rest of mainstream media propaganda outlets are losing their audience?

I call fowl on Goldie Taylor.

I have to rise in Cain's defense here as I don't think he views his skin color as a detriment as much as an asset. I think he knows that conservatives and tea party voters are damned sick and tired of being labeled racists and therefore are hungry for the chance to rip the race card out of the Democrats' hands by running a black challenger. It is this factor that will be most difficult for us to overcome with logic.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I am going to posit that...

...we don't need to post (or comment) on the amount of pigment in the skin of Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain. Yes, even if HE is the one bringing it up. Let's keep the "Federal Reserve Chairman" part as our big objection to the man.

The last thing I would ever do is stand in the way of your First Amendment, but may I respectfully ask that you consider deleting your (yes, admittedly semi-topical) topic??

I didn't say I agreed with

I didn't say I agreed with the video. I am no where near racist, I don't think sjim color or race or religion should ever play any role PERIOD. Vote on issues not skin color.