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Examiner piece on Perry

It isn't even 2012 yet and most people are already fed up with the whole election process. The newest candidate in the presidential race offers nothing to deter our nation's plunge down the proverbial toilet of economic ruin. Rick Perry has all the right political and corporate connections to ensure that America will get another four years of Bush/Obama spending, bailouts, fear and rescue ploys, and government expansion. The problem, however, at least for the Republican Party, is that he most likely won't even get the chance to prove it. The fact is, Rick Perry cannot beat Obama. The same is true for nearly every other presidential hopeful in the Republican camp with the possible exception of Ron Paul and it is easy to see why.

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Good find -- Thanks for posting.

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Good article.

Thanks for posting.

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Rick Who? Perry? Oh yeh,

Rick Who?

Perry? Oh yeh, that guy who dropped over 20% in the polls.

I remember him...funny fellow.

Nice article...lots of love for Ronny!

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