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Rivals from both sides slam Jackson’s call to bypass the Constitution

Political firebrands hit Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. from both his left and his right Thursday afternoon, reacting to the Illinois congressman’s call for the president to bypass the Constitution to deal with the jobs crisis. During a Wednesday interview with The Daily Caller, Jackson said President Obama should “declare a national emergency” and use “extra-constitutional” measures to create jobs.
Debbie Halvorson, his likely 2012 primary Democratic challenger, said their shared district’s residents do not want “a do-nothing politician who is looking to get a quick headline.”
“In Rep. Jackson’s entire congressional career, he has never introduced a single jobs bill,” Halvorson said. “Now, he’s calling on the president to suspend the Constitution? As a representative of the people, you don’t give up when you hit a roadblock and throw the Constitution out the window — you keep working to get something done.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/14/ri...#ixzz1auI9nEqo

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Typical neophyte political mistake

Veteran politicians know it is easier to ignore the Constitution if you don't announce your intent in advance.