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Opt-Out of Campaign Mailings!

I know this topic has been discussed before, and it is a very popular position. We already support Ron Paul 100% and do not want the campaign wasting money on sending us mailings . Quite frankly I don't even read them, and get most my Paul info from DP or the official website. I've donated at every money bomb and will be voting for Ron in the primaries. Someone must get in contact with the Paul campaign and request that they generate an opt-out system . I don't have a lot of money to give, and I don't want it to be spent on mailing me stuff. Ron Paul 2012!

Shamelessly promoting another post here (for liberty) http://www.dailypaul.com/183247/why-ron-pauls-plan-to-restor... it's a new bibliography of Ron Paul supporting resources to share with your friends in family in light of the new plan and upcoming MB!

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They must have gotten the message.

After the Black This Out money bomb I did not get any Physical mail after I donated. Maybe they got the message. But I had a thought. Another member pointed out the fact that you could strategically put the mailers that you received into magazines, papers, or other things at places you frequent. I had a problem with this because my full name and address was on the mailers and donation form and did not want to expose myself to identity theft or deranged individuals. One solution would possibly be to redesign the header on the mailer and donation form to be personalized plus be detachable so if you decide to leave your mailer and donation form strategically your name and address can be detached.

Maybe there might be a code somewhere on the form that if I were to have the desire to strategically leave my mailers at a place then it could be traced at a campaign level and if my placement happened to get a good return or result then I might be compensated with a freebee like a campaign hat, bumper sticker or something else that is campaign related. Maybe a phone call from Dr. Paul. That would light a fire under my ass!

hope for the best

Better idea

Put the mail in your neighbours mailbox. You know better then the campaign because you can see which home has a Cain, Romney sign out front.

Get RID of the post office while you are at it Ron

Besides packages and merch which can be handled by private companies, snail mail letters and adverts really need to STOP being sent to every house in America.

It is a huge waste of time and money and its OUT DATED!

Getting a letter is like finding out about something that happened on the internet BUT 5-7 days later. Whats the point?

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That might require dissolution of government

The Post Office predates the founding documents . . . by quite a bit. And it does a lot more than just deliver stuff and sell stuff. And it is intertwined with the military. Like most banks in Europe, it used to provide postal accounts for safe holding of? Yup: money.

As to your question of what the point might be of sending letters. . . perhaps privacy? Perhaps focused attention?

Phil. 4:13

'nuff said


The only reason...

I open mine is in hope I get a cool bumper sticker

Mail back "opt out" instead of creating web system to do so.

I've got one of many Ron Paul 2012 campaign letters in a stack and I'm going to write up a letter to the effect of:

"Please remove me from your mailing list. I'm already a fired up supporter and will continue to be. In the 3rd quarter the campaign raised $8.2 million, but spent $7.3 million.

Don't waste those funds thanking me for donating to Money Bombs and instead put them into as many TV ads as possible pointing out how the Good Doctor has been right all along about the economy to show voters who truly is the teacher and who are the students in this race."

I'll be signing, stamping, and mailing this letter out tomorrow in their provided donation envelope.


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They are still going to have

They are still going to have to put that into an electronic database, why not online too?

rp ads - focused on how he has been right

agreed - there are a lot of people have been saying that rp campaign needs to redirect funds to how rp has been right on things like housing bubble, success in auditing fed to reveal tens of trillions sent to foreign govt, right about european debt crisis,

essentially he has the forsight while others with so called bus experience were mocking him.

would the rp campaign do this?


I also feel like it's a waste

I also feel like it's a waste every time I get one of those letters. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring their web developers to create a page where we can opt out, and then update the mailing database would probably cost more than the savings on mailings.

Freedom Wins!


They don't need to waste money sending me mail and calling me. They're preaching to the choir.

They should spend that money on other forms of advertising to get new supporters.

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This would save so much!

This would save so much!

Smart idea..

I brought this up in 07/08.

I wish I could just check a box asking how I would like to receive information. Its a total wasted of money.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Yes, I agree that unused mailings are a waste of resources.

I also receive phone calls that I don't need. I check online to stay informed of campaign activity daily.
I would rather see my donations used to reach those who are sleeping.

"It’s not like I’m just trying to win and get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history." ~Ron Paul

Don't opt out

Just make sure your mailings get into the hands of someone who doesn't know much about Ron Paul yet? Be creative- tuck them into the magazines at waiting rooms, or in the left behind newspapers at coffee shops, etc

"it's hard to be free, but when it works it sure is worth it." ~Janis Joplin

This would be a good idea

This would be a good idea accept that the mailing I receive have my address on the flyers and donation form. If they were generic I would do what you have proposed but I have had Identity problems in the past and I am reluctant to put something like this out in the general public. Plus their are some very disturbed people out there and I wouldn't want them to know were I live.

hope for the best

post them

on Public bulletin boards at public libraries, universities, etc.

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Hate to break it to you, folks, but you are not normal!

Yes, it is inefficient, but it would probably take even more money to change the system at this point. I say, don't get bent out of shape about things you can't control. If you are reading this post, you are likely the active of the active Ron Paul supporters. In other words, a total nerd. I'm not saying my parents are boring in a normal sense, but they are the type that would put a mailing on the fridge. Let's focus on promoting the Black This Out money bomb!

Are you hosting a fundraising party?
Did you put up a cryptic flyer at Starbucks today?
Or did you spend 15 minutes complaining about campaign mailings?

Check out http://iroots.org/
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cnn debate

sorry guys for infiltrating this thread ....
I have started a thread for this..

need help...

but I think we should send questions to cnn today for Cain and Romney
as they will not ask Dr.Paul any good question.

Why don't we ask tougher ones to the opponents

for Cain

1.is not your 999 tax going to increase taxes for 50%
of America who does not pay taxes and people who pay less than 9
they get increase so in effect you are increasing taxes for majority of America?

2. Why do you like Alan Greenspan's Fed who lowered interest rates just the
way Bernanke did but you do not like Bernanke's Fed? In effect you
do not mind Alan Greenspan who printed credit out of thin air?

3.Why did you say Fed is transparent and just make a call
and you would get an answer and there is no need to audit the fed?
Are you a flip flopper?

for Romney

1. Why do you support Romney-Care but not obamacare just because its state level?
Didn't you make a statement in the earlier version of your book that you support
national health care? why are you flip flopping?

more questions like this to Cnn and directed to Cain or Romney and if we have
enough people with the right questions maybe we have a winning idea...


rp training for debates to be assertive

rp does a good job when he receives questions, but needs to be more assertive in debates to get in on questions asked to others, say i am still speaking when stopped when saying something impt like republicans also passed bad expensive regulations just like dem did, turn questions around so that he can highlight his experiences on his record of being right and a fighter versus rhetoric, distinguising himself from others bec others cannot discern like how others are talk of lower taxes, lower reg, limited gov't and have done the opposite of what they say like shape-shifter romney, he will not abuse exec orders like perry and both party candidates, etc...

cain is not a competitor, he will fizzle out very very soon. romney is the only competitor. perry may come back up, but he is not worth tackling as rest of media will take him down if he gets up in favor of romnney.



Save beaucoup bucks.

The campaign site has a "Sign-Up for Newsletters" link.

Wouldn't that be equivalent to snail mail?


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The best solution

is for the campaign to simply stop physical mail to anyone to whom they are successfully sending email.

Yeah, they can stop sending

Yeah, they can stop sending me stuff cause I'm on the Daily Paul everyday so if it is posted on here then I know about it...! Plus Ron has no worries of me not voting for him cause they would have to kill me and put me in the ground before they could stop me from voting for Ron...!

Watch out

It may get to that point!

They should

just put a link on the campaign website for opting out. Enter your name adress zip code, done.

Mailings physical

All of my physical mailings arrive AFTER EVERY EVENT. Terrible misuse of funds. Horrible inefficiency, just like offering postcards for sale for the mailing of the Oct. 19 money bomb.

It is now Oct. 15. Why would anyone spend money to get postcards mailed to them, to then, send out to people so that they might donate money on 10/19? Such government idiocy thinking. Get it together!

Daily Paul is so moronic and inefficient! Do you really think this represents Ron Paul, or just MORE slow moving idiotic government?

Daily Paul is SO missing the mail....

Daily Paul is NOT the campaign

I get stuff late too. You have a good point, it was just the tone that picked up the negative ratings, I think.

What Are you doing?

Why are you trying to discredit the cause? You have Piggybacked off of my insights and have perverted them into a negative! What for? Do you not believe in liberty? What positive do you instill?

hope for the best