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Great Idea to help gain a huge amount of vote

I think that a lot of the problem with ron paul is that as you know hes given a small amount of questions in the debate and in the debate he may have only 30 secs to a minute before he gets cut off. Also the american people are incredibly stupid and use to their sound bite force fed news.

Its hard for ron paul to explain in a short time his positions on thing as well as simultaneously TEACH americans history and economics. I think if at all possible if ron paul supporters could reach out to have him sort of do a documentary on his positions and while hes talking for some of the time you could show history and documents on things like the iranian revolution, the federal reserve as well as have visual tools where he could more easily explain how the money supply works in lamens term yet keep people interested

Something along these lines except with him narrating it and talking about how he thinks about different issues and his actual rationale and evidence for supporting.

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It boils down to what we can

It boils down to what we can do by ourselves, I think. When he is President he will be giving a LOT of speeches to the people. There are such a lot of videos tho. Just his "straight talk" ones every week teach you something..if we could get people to watch those it would be super!