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Why are there black or darkened-out spots all over this website?

To let us know, newcomers & regular visitors about the Black THIS out fundraiser scheduled for October 19th. You can put your cursor over the name of the website, or the large black bar up top & it will appear. This fundraiser is a reaction to the lack of legitimate press coverage, earned press coverage, given to Grandfather Paul, who has plenty of support & is amply fundraising, yet still can't get a word in edgewise at a debate & is the elephant in the room which nobody discusses on the news & Sunday political talk shows among supposed experts who really don't have a clue whats going in the US & think they are qualified & know everything. After the fundraiser, if patriots are responsible & donate, the media will be forced to recognize & acknowledge Grandfather Paul for what he really is, not a top-tier candidate, THE TOP-TIER CANDIDATE! Give generously, even if its a purchase from the Campaign store & not an out-right open-ended donation. Be a part of History & participate in this fundraiser, which can be more successful than TeaParty 08. Don't do it as an act of charity, do it to make your life better.
Very good MN for blackening this site out, I approve.
Go to www.BlackTHISout.com for details, donations MUST be made at www.RonPaul2012.com. You can also send in a check, but do it QUICK so it will be counted on that day, contact the campaign directly about making a donation by Western Union.

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Superb Idea

And thepicture of Ron near the top right-ish with his eyes blacked out made me literally LOL

I just posted this to my FB

might get some traffic

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oh thank goodness you're not actually asking this question


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