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New Hampshire Does Not Want A State Sales Tax - Goodbye, Herman Cain


New Hampshire does not have a general sales tax or an income tax on an individual's reported W-2 wages.


In order for Herman Cain to generate more fundraising, he has to win in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Cain's Federal Reserve gravytrain ends in New Hampshire.

A state sales tax in the Live Free or Die State?

Ain't gonna' happen, Herman.

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Herman Needs His Head Examined For Brain Matter

What a fool. No wonder he hasn't won public office. What a Maroon..

Has anyone asked if Herman

Has anyone asked if Herman Cain's 999 plan is constitutional? I don't have time to study it but it would be a good argument.

hope for the best

hope that is right but

hope that is right but according to the lastest NH poll, Cain is polling at 20%...so you best hope this honeymoon period comes to an end quickly.

The honeymoon is already

The honeymoon is already over. 999 is hitting the fan, and the result is a splattered mess.

Once the people of New Hampshire realize that everything they buy will be taxed at 9%, they will no longer support Cain.

The poor, and middle classes will be hit the hardest...

The 999 plan says that BUSINESSES will no longer be able to deduct their payroll expenses!

I live in New York, and I'm a business owner that pays almost 9% of my sales to the government.

I have had to RAISE my prices just to cover my quarterly sales tax bill.

Last month, I forked over $4,000 to the state....created from my labor. Do I get a tax deduction for this? NO!

I pay over $4,000 to Albany every three months in sales tax! I just imagine what I could do with that money, and how I'd reinvest it into my business.

And that's JUST state sales taxes...I just got another bill from Uncle Sam. Employer's Tax, and the IRS 940 Tax...another $1,500 to the government.

New Hampshire....heed my words. You do not want a 9% sales tax in your state.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.