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Read If You Want To Bring Down Herman Cain!

Hi people, this is my 2nd post on the DP. In recent days, it's become apparent that Cain won't be able to withstand the scrutiny of being a GOP "frontrunner." It's going to be almost too easy to bring him down.


Not because of his bad record... But because he doesn't HAVE a record. But not only that, he just doesn't have ANY defined policies. No joke. If you really want Herman Cain to be history, here are four great talking points to say to ALL Cain supporters... Or anyone really. BE SURE TO SHARE AND SPREAD!

- Cain does not know what "neoconservative" means or what a neoconservative is. Seriously? Apparently he was living under a rock during the Bush administration. This is great for displaying his ignorance. That's a basic term that any President needs to know. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/16/herman-cain-neocons...

- Cain has ZERO foreign policy. For this refer again to the article above. Simply put, he's just ignorant about the subject! He speaks of it as ambiguously as possible and when he's asked a tough question, he says he has advisers and commanders who will tell him what to do. THEN WHY EVEN RUN FOR PRESIDENT?

- Absolutely clueless on the economy. In 2005 he denied that there was a housing bubble that would burst. In late 2008 he laughed at anyone who said there was a problem with the economy. Clueless Cain responds to this by saying that he has advisers who study the economy for him. Um, ANYONE can just pick advisers to study the economy; why bother running for President then? It's as if he's actually retarded or something! No voter would put the fate of the economy in the hands of somebody who will just listen to random anonymous advisers. If people spread these facts about him as much as possible, Cain will disappear as quickly as he rose to "frontrunner" status.

Needless to say, nobody benefits from this more than RP, so I think it's really important to do everything we can to speed up the process of Cain sinking back down in the polls. Thanks.

- As you all well know, denied the necessity of a Fed audit, laughed at those of us who insist it's important. Called us ignorant, lied about it on TV, and got caught. Refer to the following video to hear Clueless Cain talking about why Alan Greenspan is a model for future Fed chairmen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTEERUGKZuM&feature=player_em...

It's clear that he only mentioned Greenspan because, aside from Bernanke, he couldn't name anyone else! Look at him babble with no substance about how well Greenspan corresponded with the regional Fed banks and that's why he was a good Fed chairmen. THEN he promptly gets his a$$ handed to him by Dr. Paul, which was by then anticipated by everyone in the audience.