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New Ron Paul Slogan: "Restoring Our Wealth", Why this is the Ron Paul message.

There is a common reason behind the growing support of Dr. Paul's message. If you ask me why I support him for President, instead of listing several reasons, I prefer giving a single answer. I trust that he will restore wealth to our nation. We once reserved the status of the wealthiest nation on earth, now we are the largest debtor nation on earth, and our economy functions entirely as debt. The secret is out, we can no longer exist under these conditions. Dr. Paul knows how to restore our wealth, and will deliver by all means necessary. Ron Paul is the only candidate addressing this, and offering adequate solutions. What are the ways he will do this? Maybe we can refer to the new plan being released, while emphasizing how it will bring us out of debt and into wealth. Once wealth is allowed to build again, without being penalized by taxation, inflation, and a currency that looses its value, every individual will have the opportunity to prosper again. This is a legitimate use of government, that no one else is offering.

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Excellent comment and may

Excellent comment and may resonate with the OWS crowd, too..