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a thought and open letter to those in a position to be where I cannot

I am not the 99%

I am not the 1%

I am the .00000003%

I am personally accountable for my actions.

I will not have my message co opted and taken by a movement. Though I respect the voices of those that have, and understand the necessity.

I will not let the greater part of a whole represent who I am but through civil discourse represent myself as a voice among many.

I realize and have for a while watched as society has been going down the path of least resistance to meet the current needs of those who participate. This does not make it right.

I see some times tough love is the only compassion a person has in a world surrounded in darkness.

I can help spread my message to those who have not had the opportunities in life that I have had, and bless them for not having to see some of the things that are there.

I hope we can put aside our differences and find the ailment that causes all these frustrations we are feeling.

I know that if we could do that and accept the next four to eight years as a readjustment aligning us with the principles of this country that made us great.

We Will all observe the wrongs of this Country corrected and our direction put on the right track.

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You are still part of the whole.

We are all individuals, the media is trying to paint this as a "movement" but it is an assembly of disparate people. The only thing we have in common is that we realize we are part of the 99% - there is no common thread beyond that. We recognize there is a 1% power elite, and we want it exposed and brought to justice.
Hope you find your way to that realization soon.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.