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Ask questions to CNN Debate forum, not to RP because they will not ask him. I know

We need to send questions to cnn debate for tomorrow but not questions for Dr.Paul because I know they will not ask him

How about putting Mitt Romney and Herman Cain on the spot..like if we flood cnn debate question with question for Ex-Federal Reserve Board guy Cain why he said you need not audit fed and now why he says you should audit fed or why he thinks alan greenspan fed is ok when he too lowered interest rates like bernanke?

why did he call audit the fed people ignorant?

why did the company he was board memeber go bust and no enron like action took place on their company?

On Mitt Romney why did he support romeycare and not obamacare?

Why he stood for healthcare across the country?

Maybe we should send audio files and video files>

Need help I am sending these questions on cnn..and not to Dr Paul because they wont ask him...so lets get together and put the others on the spot


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Submitted - Foreign Policy & Economics

To each of the candidates:

Which is best for our economy and citizens: military & political intervention or diplomacy & trade? Please be specific without defaulting to rhetoric.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Cain's Achilles Heel - Foreign Policy & Fed

I am sure he can't answer any questions on these two topics coherently. Same for Perry.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I Would like to see two

I Would like to see two questions:

1. Ron Paul has just released a plan to cut spending by $1trillion and balance the budget by his third year in office. What is your plan for the budget? What will you cut?

2. One of the biggest problems facing our soldiers is suicide. The suicide rate for our war veterans is extremely high. How will you deal with this as president?

MY Question

Question/Comment: Why is it better for the UNITED STATES to borrow money from the FEDERAL RESERVE than for the Treasury [to] print the money it's self without debt or interest? The FED has no reserves, and prints, or electronically creates, money from nothing that must be paid back with interest. Treasury notes are debt and interest free. The only cost: Paper and ink.

If you claim that the FED HAS reserves can and will you support measures to force them to prove it?

If your answer has to do with keeping inflation under control, how do you account for the inflation that is responsible for the more than 96% drop in the purchasing power of the Dollar since the founding of the FEDERAL RESERVE in 1913? Thank you.

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Ask Tom Woods Question:

Mr. Cain,

I have been very concerned about the condition and fundamentals of our economy for many years. In 2001 we had just seen internet stocks, go boom, and then bust thanks to easy credit from the Federal Reserve. Some economists as far back as 2001, warned that the Internet boom that went bust, was now being replaced by a Real Estate Boom that would just as surely go bust.

My concern is as follows. On September 1st, 2008, not even a week before Fannie & Freddie collapsed and in the same month that we saw major financial institutions falling and being bailed out. Tarp being urged upon the people as a necessity to 'keep the economy going'. September 1st, 2008 you gave the economy a clean bill of health, you could not see a thing wrong with it.

So my concern is that it would be difficult for you to fix this broken system. It would be difficult for you to navigate us out of this situation that you did not see coming 7 days before the crisis hit.

Why should that not be a concern for the American People? And why isn't it a source of embarrassment to you?