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I was on the front page of my state's largest newspaper! **Update** They published my letter to the editor

Unfortunately I was lumped in with the narrative that all OWS protestors are Marxists. I was also interviewed by a local radio station and am communicating with the paper's opinion editor about putting a letter to the editor into an upcoming issue of Jackson, Mississippi's "The Clarion Ledger". Mississippi is an open primary state so the OWS protests are a great place to find people who can vote for Ron Paul even if they're not registered Republican.

Here's the article. The Clarion Ledger's comment sections are notoriously brutal so feel free to chime in if you like.


The paper published my letter to the editor this morning regarding my participation in the Occupy Mississippi Rally. It was the featured letter and it's received the most comments by far.


It reads as follows:

To the Editor: RE: Occupy Wall Street

I wanted to clarify my position and the positions of many of the people in the crowd who attended the Occupy Mississippi Rally in downtown Jackson this past Saturday. The press seems persistent in its characterization of the Occupy Wall Street Movement as being a bunch of hula hooping Marxists who want free stuff and I believe that is an unfair assessment of the actual diversity of opinions who attended. Yes there were many people who would characterize themselves as “progressives” who want free healthcare, education and big screen TVs, but there were also many people there who come from across the political spectrum who are frustrated with the bailouts and the reckless spending that has created the fiscal mess that the politicians have gotten this country into. I am a free market capitalist and would argue that corporate welfare is not capitalism but is quite the opposite. In true capitalism a business succeeds or fails based upon whether or not it is able to make a profit by producing something that enough people want to buy at an affordable price. What we have seen with the bailouts is not capitalism but is more accurately described as Corporatism when certain large corporations are conveniently deemed “too big to fail” so they can behave recklessly and not have to contend with the laws of economics like the rest of us. Capitalism has made us the wealthiest country in the history of the world. Corporatism is nothing more than theft.

Thank you,

Jim Cunningham

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I don't

know if leaving Ron Paul's name out of your article was a good or bad thing, it is a tough call, they may have never printed it if so. Great work patriot. Keep on kicking arse.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Please feel free to comment

Please feel free to comment on the message board.

nice work

Yes, I want to see the letter to the editor that attracts people so they vote for RP in the primary!

JimC said:
"letter to the editor into an upcoming issue of Jackson, Mississippi's "The Clarion Ledger". Mississippi is an open primary state"

Lumping In

That's why I'm a libertarian: no lumping. All individuals.

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