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Occupation is opportunity for Intervention

One day I pondered the hypocrisy of authority figures labelling unruly children with labels (ADD, ODD, CD, etc.) and even punishments (drugs, suspensions, confinement).

Think about it. Children/adults act out for many reasons. One of which is in response to troubles at home, troubles at school, etc. They don't know how to properly express themselves so they become unruly to get attention.

Instead of teachers/parents reaching out to the children to see what actually is wrong, they label and punish the child...and make the child feel as if they did something wrong.

This occurs in the work place too. Even if you are right, buck the system enough and you'll get booted.

Yeah, life is not fair...I've developed thick skin and all. But the hypocrisy comes in when you judge the authority figures. Often, *they* are the ones with the problems. I'm sure you could put a psychological term on those problems.

The point is: they are more sick than we are...yet, like an abusing parent, they make US feel like we are the problem.

When the OWS screams for corporate/government justice, the corporate/government-ran media says the OWS is the problem.

HOWEVER, when parents/teachers/etc. aren't abusing children, they are quite benevolent and loving.

When children become adults, instead of cursing at another adult, they perform interventions.

That's what the occupation should turn into...a massive intervention for the corporate/government authorities...who actually do provide lots of freedoms and security.

In intervention settings, the person is praised with love, yet the person's bad behavior is singled out. In that way, the person saves face and deservedly so. The chances of success via an intervention is MUCH higher than just judgement without appropriate gratitude toward who the person is.

That gratitude toward government and corporations is what is missing from the occupation. And yes, despite all the evil being done, there is a LOT to be grateful for. If anything, state that you love the free market and aren't attacking capitalism in theory...only immature and immoral behavior...cuz that is what you should be confronting.

I guarantee that there are tons of people working in government and corporate environments that would MUCH rather act in more mature and more moral manner. Right now, they only know that if you rock the boat too hard, they get put out of their butts.

I'm in business school and although they try to teach ethics, the ones of us that work in the "real world" know that you are required to leave much of your morality at home.

It is the basic fabric of morality that mush be restored. Executives will get away with what society lets them get away with. Restore that morality and you achieve a lot.

Yes, restore...our morality used to be better in some ways due to religion. We need to replace religious morality with secular morality.

And for that we need to put society in an intervention. The occupation offers us a platform from which to do this.

Can you get past your anger at the elites to love them enough to give them an effective intervention. Cuz, right now, all you are doing is making them more defensive.

Break on through to the other side...from occupation to intervention.

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The same goes for Ron Paulers versus the neocons

Yes, us Ron Paulers are mad at neocons for what they do. But have we really gone to GOP meetings and thanked them for the many good things they do...and then single out the bad things they do.

Or do we just call them neocon scum?

More of the later, I'd imagine.

And the more angry we get, the more we lower the level of maturity. Thus, they can do things like omit Ron Paul from reports and lie about things. Guys like Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc. simply can't exist in a moral and mature environment.

Neocons period, cannot exist. How can they fake attacks knowing that if they get caught or even if the majority of people believe they were lying, then the people would completely turn their backs on them?

That is what many of us did. After 9/11, we started asking questions and were shot down. Only in the current immature envirnoment could we be shot down so easily. In a mature environment, if they refused to do a real investigation, the nation would have turned their backs on the government.

Propagandists wouldn't be able to sway us one iota. In fact, propagandists would cause the people to massively ignore/confront whatever channel, station, etc. the propagandists are on.

Okay, so how to get the masses to the point they react morally and maturely? Lots and lots of mature and moral conversation. We have to raise the bar.

Getting back to the neocons. That means joining their ranks and conducting lots of these moral and mature conversations.

In short: an immature, immoral environment, people go into animal mode. "If I can get a little money or sex or power, then I might as well do it."

In a mature, moral environment, people are free to express their deeper humane feelings. THIS is where nearly every human wants to be. That is why nearly every organization and con man sells themselves as being fair, honest, moral, mature.

"Fox; fair and balanced."

So how do you change a con man? By yelling at him? No...he prefers that you keep the setting immature. He can then fall back on the immature reasons he became a con man.

Interventions could work, but the con man would have needed to have his trust in the good life rekindled by a few key relationships.

So you have to create those relationships first.

We see movies of bad people turning back into good people. How does it happen? The bay guy forms a relationship with someone good. From there, all the desires of wanting to be good come flooding back...we nearly all start off as good.

So within the GOP, we need to join every organization they have. And start setting the example that you can be good. Just be there and be good.

That is exactly what Ron Paul has been doing for decades...and who knows what bad things he has prevented.

So let's just show up en masse and talk the good talk and walk the good walk. Make it a social trend...as it grows, it'll hit the tipping point and become the fabric of society.

We don't beat the GOP, we raise the bar of maturity and morality...and people respond, because they have to.


Executives will get away with what society lets them get away with. Restore that morality and you achieve a lot.

But I sense we are dealing with a soul-less entity devoid of reason, sympathy or empathy. The LOVE of money is surely the root of all evil.


Slight digression: speaking of labeling - check out this video: http://www.cchrint.org/videos/disorders/adhd%E2%80%94labelin...

A slap in Big-Pharma's face!

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

You don't have to worry about those devoted to evil

Focus on the vast majority who really would prefer to live with an open heart than a cynical closed heart.

People really do WANT this. Yet most get conditioned to go with the flow of immaturity and immorality to survive.

Make it okay to be moral...and people will choose to be moral.

I'm not saying it is easy to substantially improve the world. Look at what Ron Paul has gone through. He raised the bar for modern politicians and especially for voters. We, lesser than evil voters, FLOCKED to him.

He made an environment where we don't give the average politician a pass. We now believe that politicians CAN choose to be moral, can choose to not sell out, can choose to not compromise, etc.

That will affect two to three generations of voters.

Further, politicians are watching what happens to Ron Paul. If nothing bad happens, I guarantee more politicians will choose to be better people.

And just what has happened to Ron Paul? Sure, he's omitted by the media, but he's maintained his congressship, he's all over the media, he's gotten a chair position over domestic money, etc.

In 'The 300' terms, Ron Paul's "victory" was to make the God-king bleed...show that you can effectively challenge the political leaders if you fight smart.

Ironically, all I'm asking is to follow Ron Paul's example. He called his run in 2008 an educational run, but it was also an effective intervention. He maturely confronted one behavior at a time...and in general said that he was popular only because people want liberty.

Liberty is about freedom...including being free of the trappings of immaturity, immorality, cynicism.

LOL...There should be Ron Paul 101 classes taught in colleges.