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Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed

Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed

Ron Paul loyalists have been vindicated. After months of observations that the mainstream media was ignoring the libertarian standard-bearer, a new study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism shows just that: the Texas Congressman, who has consistently polled in the high single digits -- Real Clear Politics's aggregate poll currently has him at 8 percent -- has received the least overall coverage of any candidate. From May 2 to October 9, Paul appeared as the "primary newsmaker in only 2% of all election stories."

...continue reading at: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2011/10/ron-paul-med...


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Posted a few hours earlier....


Here's a tinyurl that I made after finding the story and being the fourth person to post it to DP..then deleting mine when I finally found that it had been posted. Below are my comments to Crickett on the other story that had a broken link...


Why isn't this on the front page? Hell fire it isn't even on the most voted list....we friggin bitch and moan about this and people call us crazy or whiny, and now it has been proven. And it's not even important enough to be sitting where people can see it? I posted it after I saw it, made a tiny url, then searched and found that it had been posted like four times...and not one single mention on the front page. Crazy times I'm telling you...if it isn't about OWS or Herman Cain then it doesn't seem to matter any more.

EDIT: This is my main reason for not liking double/triple post...if the votes up on these stories were combined onto the original, then this would be on the front page for all to see instead of hiding in never never land. The story is great..kind of like money..but when you duplicate it over and over..well it kind of loses its punch..kind of like money. And this story is MONEY!

"ron paul blackout confirmed"

"ron paul blackout confirmed" Google search then click on it, as often as you can!

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Stinking Link does not work

The link contains Roon Pual's name, and this site has Ron Paul's name blacked out.....

works for me

the link is working for me???


Link broken