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Even the homeless vote Ron Paul

While eating lunch in my truck today in a Taco Bell parking lot, a man approached me on a bike. He told me he had recently lost his job and his home because he had contracted HIV and could no longer work in the restaurant industry. While I never give to the homeless because there are many things setup to provide them help, this guy was different. He was specifically asking for $32 so he could get a hotel for the night and take a shower. I told him I can't give him money because it's not something that would help his life as he must help himself. He then noticed the Ron Paul sign in my truck and said Ron was his hero and started going off on the fed. He then asked if he could have the sign to carry everywhere he went. I've never given $32 away so fast in my life. He now has a new sign as well.

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really dude?

You just went against the RP principle that in a free society we help those in need as our personal responsbility instead of the gov't doing it. Not only that you told him you didn't have $32 and then when he says he likes RP and wants the sign, you give him $32 and the sign? Don't you feel like a douche at all?

I mean I'm glad you gave to him, but dang...I'm sure I'll get voted down or something on this one, but just saying.

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Thanks, Nick D, for your generosity and your

somewhat sad humorous post!

It's truly amazing how strangers approach me upon seeing my RP shirt and happily depart with TONs of RP info. It was a little unnerving to be "so exposed" at first, but then, it became a habit to *always* carry RP literature in my peace-bag.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court says that you can't be stopped from holding (or wearing) signs on a public sidewalk.

This is why some businesses hire people to hold signs. The sign ordinances can't stop them.

Another observation: If it weren't for fast food chains, the poor would starve. It may not be the best nutrition, but these places really keep the homeless fed.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Long John Silvers

used to give free food, not sure if they still do.

go to the window and order "crumbs and water"

decent stuff when you're homeless.



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by far the best post on this day so far

Thank you.
Posting on Twitter right away.

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We are all going to be homeless, sooner or later...

...you're a good man!

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Well done.

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