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The Technology of Individual Independence Towards Individual Sovereignty

The internet disintermediated information flow.

According to a Forbes columnist, the E-Cat now promises to disintermediate energy flow.

If you disintermediate energy flow as well as information flow, you have disintermediated food, water and manufacturing.

That means people are going to be truly independent for the first time since the settling the of continent.

This is relevant to the Ron Paul campaign in two ways:

  1. Independence begets sovereignty.
  2. This advance toward individual sovereignty was obviously held back by the US government to the point that it took an Italian inventor to realize it.

To understand why the E-Cat wasn’t invented in the US, you need to listen to this 3 minute 30 second excerpt from Charles G. Beaudette’s MIT lecture given in 2004, bearing in mind Huizinga headed the DoE’s panel that reviewed Pons and Fleischmann’s work:


Charles G. Beaudette's entire lecture audio is available at:


His book covering, in depth, the material in the lecture is "Excess Heat & Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed" and is available from Amazon Books:


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