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Playing with a stacked deck

It's not like it was in 2008.

We were all (well, most) still learning about the process courtesy of 'the boss'. It was all new, different and exciting. We watched the corruption unfold first-hand. 'Uninvited' to a debate? Really? Media blackout? Really? Selective mike/audio malfunctions? Seriously?

What I'm saying is that in this campaign leading up to 2012, we must realize we are playing against a stacked deck. Not just that the odd favor the house, but that every dealer, croupier, pit boss, floor manager and security guard is there to ensure that you do not win. And they are no longer concerned about being discreet about it.

They no longer have to be.

We've been ruled out as dangerous. We don't have the numbers because they also control the numbers. We have been dismissed before it even started.

Meanwhile, the socialist-backed 'Wall Street Protest' gains ground. Rudderless, directionless anger will soon be given both a direction and a rudder. And it won't be Ron Paul.

The downtrodden masses, rather than acknowledging the one man who truly believes and supports both their right to be there and their right to voice their opposition, only look to continue and enhance government-supported-everything. A free ride. Money for nothing.

The numbers you can gather to you promising something for nothing are far greater than those you can get telling people they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves if the government were out of their lives. The lines will always be longer for free stuff than for stuff you have to pay for.

I believe it will all be over when we finally identify who the socialists are intending to put in front of this movement. What face will be designated as our next 'high-chancellor'? Will it be Obama with a mandate from the people or has he outlived his usefulness? Or is there someone new in the wings waiting to step forward from the shadows and save us?

When it happens, and it will happen soon, I feel that the final card will have been played in this game. From there it will be another frantic, hysterical run to election day. The difference will be that this time, there won't be finger-pointing or partisan politics. This time people will start disappearing. Voices of reason will be actively silenced. Criticism of government will be akin to terrorism.

What they can't 'con' out of the public will be taken by force. Oh, there may be a hastily constructed 'law' that is passed to keep it all on the up-and-up, but make no mistake, there will be no opposition.

At least none you will ever see, hear or read about.

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WOW! Who brought Debbie

Who brought Debbie Downer out? LOL, but seriously you don't think that most of us don't agree with you! However, you forget one thing, with that scenario! Most of us, I assume will be ready with arms and with strategy to counter. Some of us already are prepared for the worst, but most of us have the little bit of faith to be ready to grab the reigns, because we are not done yet, I personally am apart of something that I KNOW can counter there sad attempts, we all are!!! And if in the end I must fight against the tyranny, then so be it my destiny!!
Hope, faith, Belief!


Let us not be so foolish to think we have reached the final seconds, we are still over an hour a way and can always make change! Catch my drift! lose some sleep, say you tried!

Duane Allan Smith
Interplanetary One