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New CNN poll shows 2/3 of Republicans and likely Republican voters are undecided


Although this story leads with Romney and Cain in a statistical dead heat for first, there is good news in the story. With 2/3 of the likely Republican voters undecided, there are a lot of votes available for Dr. Paul to pick up.

We already know that Cain is just the front-runner flavor of the week, and we also know that the voters (especially in the South) are not going to get behind Romney.

That leaves a lot of room for he-whose-name-cannot-be-written to pick up a lot of support. Let's give until it hurts this Wednesday and make a strong showing in those early states. We are on the edge of something very great here, but it will require all of us to give what we can. We're about to crest the hill here, people.

In Liberty,

-Truth and Soul