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Foreign contributions

Hi everybody,

I got asked by a friend how foreigners might support the Revolution financially. I know from the last time (07-08) we can`t participate in Money Bombs, as it would be a campaign contribution which is forbidden for foreigners (probably rightly so, I would not have liked all the german Obamaniacs to send him money...).
Is there another way I can tell people over here in Germany, one that supports the cause without causing more trouble than doing good?

Thanks and cheerio


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No it is not legal. Remember

No it is not legal. Remember Bill Clinton receiving money from China? That is one of the things he should have been impeached for. Remember the 900 FBI files found in the White House? How do you spell blackmail?

I guess the question is this.

Is it legal for foreigners to donate to Revolution Pac, in order to support Dr. Paul.

Its a good question, and if it is legal, then we could tap millions of dollars, from people worldwide, who know Ron Paul is the best person to run America, because, like it or not, running America is indeed running the world.


If it is legal, blog about it, encourage it.

It is do or die time.

The best gift from foreigners

Would be if they all consolidated and got true press out about MR Paul.


Guess I should read comments before posting from now on.

i think you can buy from

i think you can buy from ronpaulswag.com - which is partnered with revpac - and donates profits to revpac


I guess a contribution to the Dailypaul would be ok as well?

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Brother in Liberty

you & your friend can help educate thousands of Americans using Twitter:

and it will cost you & him nothing in monetary ways!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Umm...I don't know if this

Umm...I don't know if this would be considered illegal, but maybe buy some Ron Paul gear from his website. You could also post some ads on facebook supporting Ron. I was going say donate to RevPac but I think you have to be a citizen, though I'm not sure.

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I believe that ... it counts as a contribution

So, it may be difficult. I'll ask the RP website people how they address that issue.

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Talk up Ron Paul in the National Media and social networks.

I place all articles pertinent to Ron Paul on my Facebook Wall. Favorable comments on the international news sites would be especially helpful. You might also address auditing or ending the German Central Bank.

Definitely get him into the news

Ask your local news to run stories about him. Having foreign news show up on The Drudge Report changes things fast. The BBC has numerous articles that get read by Drudge.

If you get a contingent of people who are interested - have them write a column in a local paper. That too can be shared on internet.

Small newspapers are hurting for good content.

I'll think of some other ways for ya!

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