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Limbaugh Endorses Paul Plan--Then Claims Credit

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio when a caller asked what was a workable plan for the Republicans when one of them takes office in 2013. Limbaugh said that the caller wouldn't believe he was going to say it, but Ron Paul's plan was the only one that would work and that no one else was talking about real cuts and downsizing of the government. He went on to explain the plan a bit and was very positive about it without saying anything bad about Dr. Paul.

Limbaugh also commented that the media would probably use the ideas to say that Dr. Paul was a kook and that the other candidates would be afraid to agree with him. After all the positive comments about Dr. Paul and how the others weren't putting forward any real workable plans, including a comment about Romney's plan, saying that while it may be good, it isn't what we need, he then proceeded to take credit for the ideas. He said that he had been, for years, calling for spending to be rolled back and for many of the bureaucracies to be cut back if not eliminated.

So, while he did eventually take credit for the plan, he gave his endorsement without saying anything bad about the good doctor. I'm sure someone can find the audio or transcript to post it.