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Cain's Response to 9-9-9 critique. Please Comment with your response

Here is the link to a new article where Herman Cain replies to what he deems the most common critiques of his 9-9-9 plan. Please read and comment with your takes. Also, I'd appreciate links to articles that further refute Cain's responses.


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Is Cain's national sales tax

Is Cain's federal sales tax Constitutional? Or would it take an amendment to the Constitution? After all the federal income tax required one.

He is good at sounding reasonable and appearing likeable.

He complains about the status quo. Then I remember he was a Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Chairman, and realize he was and is the status quo.

All snake oil salesmen appear

All snake oil salesmen appear likable. That enables them to sell their crap to the gullible masses.

Cain is all flash and no substance.


You all know what to do.