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Rush touting Ron Paul's $1T spending cut plan! (Video)

Yes, he toots his own horn as if HE came up with these ideas, but this is BIG!




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...and so...Rush...

...you Reagan/Goldwater fiscal conservative...who then do you TRUST?, who will you tell your listeners to TRUST?, with respect to cutting and slashing all of this bloated Federal government?

Are you guys in the right-wing media gonna continue this "Wait-n-See" attitude? Tell your listeners to watch to see who "steps up to the plate"(October baseball language) in upcoming debates?

Or, might you stop all of this baiting Neo-Con theater, and show genuine concern for this nation's posterity(my 5 children), instead of patting yourselves on the back for reminding us that you already told your listeners that our nation's checkbook was overdrawn decades ago?

...go with the front-runner now, guys; your listenership will INCREASE!!! We can TRUST Ron Paul to actually do it!!!


this is a GIFT.... use it!

I'm not a huge fan but I do occasionally listen to him - he's is rather funny in a lot of stuff he says; and CLEARLY he has been a Neo Con for a long time.... BUT hey I voted for Bush twice b/c I hated the democrats that MUCH! Maybe just Maybe Rush is waking up a little bit about HOW AWFUL IT IS to NOT follow the Constitution! Putting TROOPS in Africa on Saturday JUST MADE ME SO ANGRY ... can you image how the Neo Cons feel - and perhaps Rush is re-thinking the whole EVIL Republican idea about invading countries. Maybe Rush has decided to say IT IS NOT worth our Military Men and Women anymore... and it took Obama's wars in Libya and now Africa and he's woke up and sees how NO ONE should have this power. LET's HOPE SO!!! AND ANYWAY do you know HOW MANY NEO Con's I can send this to NOW? Oh my God - I have sent them William F Buckley's stuff on how the War on Drug's is a WASTE of money and doesn't work and I've got most of them to say well yeah that's right ... now I can point to Rush for this! THIS IS A GIFT right before the primary - PLEASE forward it to everyone you know that listens to Rush- I KNOW A TON!

"Many of us agree that you and I have no right to use coercion against people who don't owe us anything. The same prohibition applies to groups of people who constitute the government. The reason is simple: unjust acts do not become just when legalized. "

Ron's Plan speech video on You tube already has 12,000 comments.

That may well be due to Rush's comments today.
We need to ride that wave....no rush bashing please.

I didn't think he had it in him

to speak so positively of anything issued by Ron Paul. Of course he implies Ron Paul lifted it from his program. Ron Paul a Rush listener? I think he finds more productive use of his time.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

this is REALLY BIG

like him or not, rush has been the #1 radio voice for the republicans for many years. he is like every republican's best friend. this semi-endorsment of dr. paul's plan will do our campaign more good than anything i might have hoped for. limbaugh has certainly been guilty of much damage to our movement with his negative comments about dr. paul in the past, but we need to set that aside for now, and not give him any reason to want to verbally attack us again. like it or not, limbaugh holds a huge amount of power because of his great influence on the majority of republican voters.


I'm no fan of Rush...

But, let's not look a gift horse in the mouth.....

Think about who listens to Rush

Rush is very controversial and there are a lot of people who (rightfully) don't respect him, but he still has a HUGE following. And the people that follow Rush are GUARANTEED REPUBLICAN PRIMARY VOTERS. Anything positive that Rush has to say about the Good Dr. is GREAT for our cause. And isn't that the true spirit of Dr. Paul? We don't have to agree on every issue but it's a big tent! Liberatarianism is about LIVE and LET LIVE and hopefully more and more people open their eyes to FREEDOM!

Rush is a complete hack

this is good though, it means tipping point is close. Rush is desperate, and desperation is a stinky cologne.

On the other hand there are a lot ditto heads that believe rush's warped take on reality.

I really hate rush.

Stop all the beating on Rush comments

Like it or not he just gave 20 million people a reason and encouragement to look into Ron Paul. That is BIG! Do you want this to continue or do you want to just have him turn off the RP endorsments? Hatred and revenge will not get RP elected to dog catcher, so I beg you to stop.

Praise from Rush is not necessarily a good thing

More people probably hate Rush now than like him.

still popular

limbaugh will always be super popular with republicans and that's where we need to focus our effort and attention on for now. i suggest we don't go around posting "RUSH SUCKS, vote RON PAUL". that would be a huge mistake.


not sure

i'm not sure if this means republicans like him less, or if it is just that they are getting tired of hearing the same lines over and over. i find all that type of neocon talk radio extremely boring and not informative. it's mostly a huge waste of time. we need our own talk radio.


Like Rush or not...

...a lot of people still listen to his show.

And maybe some of those people who heard this will be curious enough to go to Ron Paul's website and see for themselves where he really stands on other issues -- foreign policy specifically. So this is potentially great news, I think.

Most Republicnas don't hate

Most Republicnas don't hate rush, they love him, we need the republican base on our side, ticking them off doesn't help us at all.

This is a........

GOOD Thing.



I've never one listened to this blow-hard but

I tried to listen to this,I REALLY TRIED! but I'm disgusted with hearing him take credit for Dr. Pauls plan(s). I'm also disgusted with me for actually trying to listen to him now. Sorry but I must go and get rid of my lunch now.

The secret to getting things

The secret to getting things done is to make people feel like they came up with the ideas, and let them run with it for you. :)

Exactly, who cares who gets

Exactly, who cares who gets credit for it, if people believe this was rush's plan and only Ron is stating this is what he would do, will only increase Ron's numbers.

This is actually a good

This is actually a good thing, he just agreed with it and claimed some of thye ideas were his, this is great, this will have a big impact.

I hate Rush, but this interview and his rant will have a huge impact especially if no other candidate comes up with a plan even close to ron pauls.

Rush Limbaugh is truly a coward

Honestly, I don't think Rush believes anything he says, and I can't believe I would waste my time commenting on his show, but it's beyond logic that he would try to take credit for Dr. Paul's position instead of jumping up and down with joy that a presidential candidate supports his ideas. WHY ISN"T HE ENDORSING RON PAUL OUTRIGHT????? Isn't it exactly what he wants, that a presidential candidate should represent his ideas in Washington -- in fact someone of INTEGRITY who would actually fight to uphold this position instead of making an about-face the second after he got in office??? OK, sorry --- I really am more reasonable than to hold such shock jocks to any sort of rational standard, but thanks for letting me rant a bit.

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Rush is scared

He is a rich warmonger who is for corporate welfare. He is the "enemy" of OWS. He is only claiming to be the originator of Ron Paul's ideas because he knows that OWS likes Ron Paul. As the numbers for OWS grows into the tens of millions in this country, rich neocons, like Rush, who supported the wars and the bank bailouts at the expense of the taxpayer, will be faced with facing the consequences of their actions, or they will leave the country. Donald Trump said that every rich friend he knows has all ready left the country. Watch Rush flee, also.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

as much as I hate rush, we

as much as I hate rush, we should email him and thank him. Create an incentive for limbaugh to say nice things about paul.

What an arrogant...

... fool Rush is, but at least he now has one candidate pushing "his" plan! How funny.

Plano TX

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Limbaugh has already been exposed for the hypocrite that he is.

NJ.com even knows it. Clip at link:

Rush Limbaugh on Ron Paul: Would you buy a used mattress from this man?
Published: Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 11:01 PM Updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 12:39 PM

A mattress salesman weighs in on one of the few honest men in American politics.

Yes, that's right. Limbaugh is so clueless he doesn't know that Ron Paul's point of view is the traditional Republican view of the constitution.

He sure knows his mattresses, though.

But then, what prostitute doesn't?


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These talking heads

They've been paying attention to Ron Paul for a very long time and they just put his words in their back pocket until it's time to start talking about it. Same for the candidates, they've too listened to Ron Paul for a long time, but would never admit it that they have.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Ron Paul...

"he's catching on, I tell ya!"

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I don't trust any of the propaganda media

As people who have read my posts may know by now.

I think this is the best political media Ron Paul has ever had!!

This is huge and will help turn some of the most brainwashed republican base towards our man. Ron Paul just became mainstream for many of them.

I also absolutely love that Rush wants it to be his idea. Let him have it. Again that just made Ron Paul mainstream.

We need as many people as possible saying the same things as Ron Paul. That all helps to make Ron Paul electable.

Let Rush run with this (if he is allowed by his masters). Let him take the credit. Let him talk about how he said it first and how Ron Paul stole or copied his ideas. It's just great. Every time he mentions Ron Paul's name he is helping us.

No other candidate has put a serious plan out there. Ron Paul was first and will now always be the first. What can they do now? They can copy his plan but that would just give it more credit. They can ridicule it but that would just make them look stupid. They can ignore it and I expect plenty of that but this is so big that it is getting more difficult for them without further damaging their credibility with people who are still hypnotized by their propaganda.

This is turning out to be a very good day for freedom!