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I cancelled my cable

I cancelled my cable last week. It makes me feel better about taking my stance against the MSM. I would encourage everyone to keep their internet and kill their television.

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What's CABLE?

I can't miss something I've NEVER had.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

My internet is an air-card

cuz I live in the boonies.

What do you have for internet service if you ended your cable?

Don't forget - you can hook your laptop up to your TV and watch internet shows on a bigger screen. Depends on your TV and the kind of cable needed from the laptop to the TV.

We watched oodles of Lost episodes that way (before the air-card). I know, Lost, is well, kinda lost...

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I did the same over a year ago and don't feel like I m missing anything at all. (other than $80-$100 monthly bill).

May I suggest Roku or the like?

I ditched my DirecTV subscription the other week and ordered a Roku box (streaming internet video). One-time payment for the box ($60-$100 depending on version you want), LOTS of free streaming content including a few liberty-related 'channels', Netflix & Hulu as well as lots of other streaming movies and shows, and all sorts of netcasts on technology, games, entertainment.

Dropped $80 off monthly expenses and now only pay...what, $17 a month for my Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, with more entertainment better suited for what I'm interested in than the 4 out of 300 or so channels I actually watched otherwise. I highly recommend looking into a stand-alone streaming video service as they provide a wealth of content in one location without subsidizing the gouging cable/satellite providers.

That is revolutionary!

No kidding- imagine if everyone did that? The MSM would start to lose its stranglehold on America's collective mindset.

Good For You!

I cut off the satellite 2 years ago and have gone to Netflix. My kids still have their shows when I need to to be distracted for a spell.

Not having it left on in the house droning propaganda on and on has improved my mood drastically.

The exciting bits of what does happen on the News channels is Youtubed.

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I havent had cable for years.. But, if there is a circumstance such as a Ron Paul interview that you would need to view one of those cable channels, you can always use this: http://www.tvpc.com/ChannelList.php

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I haven't had cable TV in maybe 10 years

Heck, my TV hasn't been used for anything other than Xbox and an occasional movie since everything went digital.

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PBS Sesame street - Communist!!!

Just kidding. :-) My little kids like Sesame Street too, but prefer the cable children channels.

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Cable but no TV

Never owned a TV . . .

Many companies offer 'phone, internet & cable . . . and one saves a bundle (no pun intended) by having a package that includes the cable, even if one has no TV. :-)

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1 year

Almost a year since I have had tv. Don't miss it at all.
Real news is abundant on the net. One show I still watch on cbs.com.

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It's liberating isn't it?

I cancelled mine ten months ago.
I've got everything I need on the internet. (It must be protected!)

It's liberating isn't it?

I cancelled mine ten months ago.
I've got everything I need on the internet. (It must be protected!)


did that about 2 yrs ago.Was tired of programming.Now I cant afford to get it back.LMAO.So much the better for me.

I cancelled mine about a

I cancelled mine about a month or two ago and I MISS The JUDGE! Driving me nuts not knowing if he said anything about Ron tonight..sigh. It just got too expensive. I have a really basic satellite now, but not enjoying it much except football..


I had cable once...for a couple months. Hated it, cancelled. My parents never let me watch TV, and now I can't stand it....it's just gibberish and more gibberish.

I cancelled mine

15 years ago. My reason was a little more selfish, tho. That was when our local (and only) tv provider went to "packages" instead of basic or extended. I said I wanted what I already had on extended and the History channel. They said I had to go up THREE tiers to get that. Since I'm not forced to purchase a bunch of junk I don't want or need anyplace else when I go to buy something, I told them I would NOT be robbed and to cancel. They were stunned.

Am I forced to buy window tinting to get an oil change? Is it a requirement for me to buy potato chips whenever I get groceries? I refused to financially support the crap they push on us by force. Cable and satellite companies are the most blatant examples of how we've derailed from the free market system. If those channels couldn't survive without force, then they should go under. And I refuse to participate.

Whatever reasons we have for canceling - GOOD FOR YOU!!

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

I did too..

I did too..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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Me too, and I never want it again.



Did you at least TELL THEM

Why you canceled? If not then it is more of something for "you". I worked for comcast (sales manager) and we had people leaving us for PLENTY OF REASONS lol.

The tv is terrible but the one thing comcast does better than most is internet. I know others odds are can be better BUT around here it is the best currently.

I think if you actually wrote them up or better yet put an article together and submitted it to your local newspaper or ANY media for that matter it COULD get mentioned and actually be beneficial especially if others jump onboard with you.

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Mail call

Looks like someone is going to get tons mail with cable deals lol

Good job. Better to be outdoors than indoors all the time anyway.


TV sucks!

Oh yes! the TV is a drag anyways! Its amazing how much more time you have in your day. Some of my family just love their reality TV shows with their DVR on standby. Im glad those days are over.

Freedom always wins

For year now I have been only

For year now I have been only paying for internet, I have no landline and I have no cable. I get all of my info news and entertainment from the internet. I was able to find out about Ron Paul quickly and easily. You ever wonder why there are so many Ron Paul supporters online? I believe its because people that are on line get more of the real news because the internet is not bias. Someone that just watches any of the 5 major networks wouldn't know very much about Ron Paul, guess that's why we all had to "Google Ron Paul" because you wont see him on TV (you will but not nearly as much as all the other candidates)..it's also the reason why Ron Paul wins every online pole..the people on the internet know and understand whats going on.


I just wish we could all do this on a coordinated date, letting the cable/satellite companies know WHY we're doing it.

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Been there, done that...

... never been happier... like having eight days in the week. Lots of time to read: IF Stone's All Governments are Liars... not a conservative, but great material for the period WWI to eighties... more about the politics of the day than about Stone. Congrats! Renew your library membership.

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