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Study Confirms Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul

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"Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed" - Atlantic Wire, 10/17/2011

Nice Ron Paul photo, w/ most of background blacked out.
Nice Ron Paul positive blog summation line graph, showing how coverage stays very positive for him as time goes by.
This graphic sure to persuade folks to take a closer look at the candidate with by far, the most positive reception on blogs; yet, blacked out of the spigoted (spicketed) press.

Internet coverage: Paul generated a good deal of attention on blogs, registering as the fifth most-discussed candidate with more than 89,000 opinions tracked about him. Moreover, he and his candidacy fared better than any other candidate in the tone of that conversation. In all, 48% of the blogging conversation about Paul was positive compared with only 15% negative and 38% neutral. The next highest positive rating for any Republican was 34%...

Very clear, objective article, with supportive Ron Paul comments. Uses same Pew Research & graphic showing unequivocally that Ron Paul has been blacked out of news from 52 major news outlets... spigots (spickets)... constrictors...

Same Pew Research article. Same candidate percentages graph. Same indomitable Ron Paul,2012

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Here's a good assessment:

The numbers confirm what his supporters have been saying all along: the media’s not paying enough attention to Ron Paul, despite his popularity and passionate following.

The Texas congressman was allocated the least amount of response time during the debates, a total of 18 minutes and 47 seconds in the past three debates, according to analysis by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have about double that.

Paul’s also not getting a lot of love in the news media, with just 2 percent of all campaign stories focused on him, a smaller percentage than any other candidate, the Pew Research Center reported Monday.

With stats like that, you’d think Paul was a weak candidate, but the real numbers—voter polls and fundraising—tell a different story. Paul raised $8.3 million this quarter, putting him ahead of surging Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.


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Good thing your the eighth person to post this...

if you hadn't it would be no where in sight...apparently this isn't important enough for the front page.

membership is WAY up.

is how I see it. there are like 40K of us now. Oklahoma beat arkansas in donations, in fact, mississippi even beat us....
as it turns out, I am the leading donor for this area.
pretty sad.....
I will be leaving here for a free state project if Ron does not win. talking to the locals is like stimulating a slug...

Looks like this story was

Looks like this story was still buried despite multiple postings and other stories on the same subject, not sure why it never got any traction on the Daily Paul?

News for Navigating the Financial Collapse and Dollar Devaluation from an Austrian Economics Perspective


At least we know we are all

At least we know we are all sane! I was getting furious with friends and family not paying attention who claimed Paul was being treated the same as other candidates. I knew better. The only thing this study does not mention is the qualitative aspects of Paul's coverage...which is consistently full of back handed compliments, and outright smears. Black this out money bomb needs to be successful...we are up against the system...and the system is winning so far.

News for Navigating the Financial Collapse and Dollar Devaluation from an Austrian Economics Perspective