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Ron Paul is 1st/2nd place fundraiser in 31 States. Beats all in Iowa +4!!

Ron Paul has raised over $8 million this quarter and over-all he has out-raised every Republican candidate in 5 States including Iowa and was the 2nd place fundraiser in 26 more States. Despite his 3rd place fundraising nationally he places 1st/2nd in 31 States.

WeCanWin.org has provided a map showing how Dr. Paul places nationally and which States he did best in.


Please spread & vote up!

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makes me sad to be in PA.

makes me sad to be in PA.

get on ballot

Are you going to get your name on the ballot?

Get the form and collect (I recall) 250 signatures to get your name on the ballot. Then your friends/neighbors can VOTE FOR YOU TO GO TO NATIONAL to vote for Ron Paul!

It's that simple. Get on the ballot. Become the national delegate who makes the difference!

Just can't wait...

I just can't wait to see fourth quarter figures after all the moneybombs!


lol, what day was that

lol, what day was that screenshot taken? On the day itself?

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

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The giving is paying-off in spades.

Like this a lot. Nice map, too!