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Ohio Straw Poll on Oct 22, 2011

Just bought two tickets for myself and my girlfriend. I hope to see several fellow Paulistas there.


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Well done on going!

But I'm a Paulist, not a Paulista. :)

Is this Franklin county Republicans making money off RP?

That's what it seems like to me. There is nothing to this swingstate poll besides giving the Republican Party of Franklin County $25? It sounds to me like we are being swindled.

I want to give Ron Paul as much press as possible, of course, but I don't want this money I'm giving to come back against us.

If anyone knows more about this please tell me.

all you guys on my facebook

all you guys on my facebook page from cleveland that say you SUPPORT ron paul better be thier. lets get it done and get all the crap over with.

bought mine a week or so ago!

See you in Columbus!

Great. I would love to go to

Great. I would love to go to columbus but i live in florida now. I vote for him here.