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Whaddaya nuts or ya blind?

Editors ignoring Ron Paul: Are they nuts or are they blind?

After the better part of a decade, is the real truth finally being woven into the common sense of the nation? All of the time the press has painted the Dr. as a kook, they've been missing the story and the point? Are they crazy?

This writer seems to think so...


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ya..or just evil. Cute story,

ya..or just evil. Cute story, but I just got finished looking at an article that said Caiin raised 2.8 million in this quarter, which was behind, Perry and Romney. It never said he was behinf Ron by a LOT. It made me mad.

Here's another good one...

That's been the standard procedure

and evil is probably not hyperbole. Right now there is a particularly good batch of stories, and good timing: Pew research verifies the Dr. is ignored, he releases a serious budget, which is getting press everywhere, more than I've ever seen, and the money bomb this week will follow, showing his support is rock solid.

...and SNL portrays him offing two thugs.