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FOX news Ron Paul blackout

So I just wander over to Fox to read their coverage of Ron Pauls proposed economic plan, and guess what? NOWHERE to be found on their site. They have an article on the home page about Cain beating Obama, but NOTHING about Ron Pauls plan. WTF?! More of the same from these low life scum at Fox!

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If you are not an Israel-firster Zionist,

and willing to go to war for them, Faux News will hardly give you the time of day. Those are the empirical facts, because the whole charade called the 'war on terror' depends on it. It's also a fact, we have two huge elephants in the room, one being the Fed who is destroying us economically, the other being Zionism, destroying any morality we have left as a nation. Both, are deceptions created by the same Rothschild minion, and are working hand in hand in the destruction of the Republic. If Christian's would research the architect, Cyrus Scofield, and read their Bible for themselves, instead of accepting a blind faith in well trained trickery by their ministry, the hoax would end. I was deceived by this trickery, until, the ministry started calling for bombing Iran with nukes, and realized this is anti Christian theology. Christ's taught to befriend your enemies, making peace through love, much like the the Founder's promoted, with war being wage when all options have failed and there is a direct threat against your survival.

Those Jews - Zionists

want Israel to exist. Let's kill them with our Christian's love and piece.

I talked to a man today,

I talked to a man today, almost 60years old, who has followed politics all his life. I have introduced him to Ron. He told me today he has never in his lifetime seen a presidential candidate just left out and ignored, like Ron is. He said it was just plain unbelievable. Of course, he did not know Ron raised $8 million, nor anything about his plan, or the active military donations...sigh.