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Making RP video, can you guys offer some input?

I recently joined a local Republican Youth group at college, to try and convert these neo-cons. But a lot of them don't like Paul, even though a lot of their positions are the same ones that Paul's been talking about for decades.

But this is true with most of the candidates: in the last 4 years they have adopted positions that they did not have before, and were inspired/started by Paul and his 30 years of consistency, along with the Tea Party he inspired, which has been hijacked.

So I want to make a video that illustrates how most of these conservatives who are unknowingly adopting Ron Paul views are actually already RP supporters, they just don't know it yet (thanks to media bias, partisan views, etc.)

The theme/title of the video will be "You're Already a Ron Paul Supporter, You Just Don't Know if Yet". The structure of the video will be to:

- first show clips of each candidate touting Paul-inspired issues like "End the Fed" from this election cycle, then to show that same candidate disagreeing with that issue or not even caring from a few years ago before Paul made it popular, then show Ron Paul talking about it consistently for 30 years.

I want to do this with a few different issues, so can any of you guys tell me what other issues the candidates now recently support becuase Paul made them popular after talking about them for 30 years? I currently have:

- Ending the Fed
- Opting out of Social Security
- End/diminishing wars
- Keynesian vs Austrian economics (I'll use the clip of Perry referring to Keynesian during the debate).

Anything else?