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1100 + troops have been killed in afghanistan since Obama

strange how no one one the left (the media) have mentioned that so many troops have died since obama took office when he promised to end the wars immediately.

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You're right

I wrote about this yesterday, here:

Former soldier, future teacher, and concerned American

thanks for writing that piece

didn't catch it yesterday. great job.

media and phony, anti-war left is silent about this.

the soldiers and veterans unfortunately know the truth.

i often think about the day dr. paul takes office and sends the command to withdraw our troops. i think many will be astonished that we're actually leaving japan, s. korea, and europe. i know it might take a little bit longer to get us out of afghanistan and iraq but it will happen a lot quicker than many were expecting. this country will be a lot diff't when we actually extend a hand of freedom and friendship. i think the majority of the world will be shocked at the almost overnight change from the US. A new day.

Bump in Requiem


Free includes debt-free!

Not just the U.S. dead

Also our brave soldiers who have been maimed:


And what about the lives of the Afghanis, including women and children who died?

For what, again?

This is why I really hope there is a just God and divine retribution, so those who fabricated the false flag attack that was 911 will rot in Hell forever.