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Iowa is January 3, 2012: Ron Paul wins Iowa! How do we make that the headlines in the next morning's papers across the USA?

We now know the time and place; how do we make sure it happens? Ideas?


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here is a good brochure to hand out

It is fairly cheap and has a great message



Make fliers (you guys are talented) with messages that would resonate with your voters with lifted content from the Campaign website on important key issues, or taken from his Economic Plan and state something about it not being the status quo..... and ask businesses if you can leave them on their counter, post them everywhere, door-to-door, or hand out in busy locations. I would suggest making them look nice, but keep it cheap and simple (we're in debt after all (might point that out in relation to add and cutting spending)), and add a little sub note at the end how much it cost, then devalued dollar price, and the price Gold would have paid for it. I would suggest making them fold into thirds for easy hand out.

How Obama won...

For over a decade this is how both national parties have monitored campaigns. Before that it was all about paper forms, paper maps, and color-coded thumbtacks.





You follow what I'm saying?

Homework assignment for everybody-




The number of "enthusiastic supporters" of Ron Paul armed with the same tools the fat money big dogs use - just the notion of a organized grassroots makes the establishment shake in their shoes.

Do we follow what you're

Do we follow what you're saying? That the GOTV process should have computers? This is something that the campaign does. I assume they have computers and software.

Volunteers who are going door to door do not need computers, but they should be trained to gather good data.

There's really nothing that I could see, in your links, that was really revolutionary.

I'm pretty sure that getting together a good list is something that the campaign is capable of doing, and that they have the right kind of software to do it.

Gathering this data on the grassroots side doesn't need to have fancy computers involved - if the goal is just to get the data to the campaign - they'd probably be able to take it from a txt file or a csv file. We don't need fancy computer software to get data to the campaign. If for some reason they can't use our data, we would have to think twice about whether or not we need to gather this data.

If someone is going door to door, the campaign should get the results of that.

If there's some other way to get data, not from calling or walking, but from a sign up list at a rock concert, or general tabling, it's different.

If what you're saying is that grassroots needs new computer tools, that's entirely true. Websites and whatnot.

But that software you're showing, that's for the official campaign and some of it is overkill.

I'm sure this isn't your first rodeo

You've worked national campaigns before. You know how it's done. You prefer paper, push-pins, manila folders, 3 ring binders, and metal filing cabinets. That's cool you prefer old-school. Hey it works if you have the money, space, and manpower. Where I disagree is in expecting the campaign to buy the materials and hire people to do the job that volunteers can do using their own smart-phone, their own desktop computer, at a cost of $10-$20 per volunteer ($25-$35 if you go high quality w/service support).

You think the Paul campaign got Mitt Romney kind of campaign money laying around to spend? It's gonna cost about a million bux just to get the voter enrollment lists from every county in the USA. If 1 Paul supporter in every county went to the county election office, dropped $40 on the counter for the enrollment disc, and mailed it to HQ, voluntarily, it would save HQ a entire money-bomb worth of fund-raising dollars.

I don't see how setting up a website is gonna help me reach the 60% of voters in my precinct who are 50 years of age and older who I need to reach in order to turn out the 534 votes needed for Ron to win my precincts primary. I'm not of the audience spectator kind who believes you put a sticker on the bumper, wave a sign on the street corner and hope for the best come election day is how winners get elected.

That software is not just for large scale national campaigns and local pizza delivery. There are many local and neighborhood organizations, churches, businesses, and civic groups that use GIS for all sorts of various small scale applications.

Ron Paul Will Win Iowa! Bank On It!

We are making progress in New Hampshire as well. Mitt Romney will fade soon. He is no conservative with no message.

Loo for Ron Paul to explode everywhere soon..

Romney : America deserves better for America...WTF??

Phone Banks

Phone calls are a tried and true campaign method. It's something that we all can do until we pass out.

Also, we should make sure that it's clear that Big Man Ron's grassroots are large and real. Events, sign-bombs, Meetups, FB, calling radio shows, writing in to shows...you know, the free stuff that grassroots do. We need to be bold.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Yes phone calls. The

Yes phone calls. The official campaign is asking people to make phone calls, and all of the things that the campaign asks you to do are good things to do.

If you're talking about grassroots events, after this move to a time that NO College students will be on campus, I would think that a focus should shift to where recent Iowa High School grads are spending their winter break.

We know that 18-29 males are our strongest demo. Find them and turn them out.

There should be a big event in Des Moines less than a week before the caucus. One where we gather the data of the people that are there, and tell them about the Caucus. A New Year's Eve concert at a theatre or arena? The more people, the more data we can get. We'll be driving people to the caucus. We will be calling you or emailing you.

If people who are comfortable in bars wanted to just go to bars in Des Moines, where there are 18-29 year olds and just give them a flyer, just go bar to bar, handing out flyers to the 18-29 year old males (our demos). One side Caucus map and instructions, the other a flyer for the New Years eve show at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wells_Fargo_Arena_(Des_Moines)

Ben has part of the formula here

the other part is data collection and management.

15 minutes of clicking around this site might help put some extra sting in your punches


R O N $1

R0N$1 is a new type of money bomb.

As it will be just after christmas people wont have that much money to donate. There will probably be a christmas and new year money bomb too.

So a money bomb that:
Only $1 donations will be accepted.
It will show how many people have donated.
New people will be able donate and join in with the fun of the grass roots promotions.

Now here is the interesting bit. The act of donating $1 will make that person feel part of the campaign. They know how to donate $1 and will probably donate in the future.

feel free to edit and repost.

IDEA why dont we have a R0N $1 money bomb for each debate

Jefferson County x 99

He won Jefferson county in 2008. Multiply by 99.


partly focus on this list of news websites in Iowa, and make comments like.
" I like this Ron Paul guy, he's got my vote"
"I am voting for Ron Paul this time around"
"I read he got the most military donations out of all the candidates, including Ohmamma"
"I've looked into this Ron Paul guy, and he makes a lot of sense"
"I wanted change, but got more of the same. I'm voting for Ron Paul"

Instead of just writing "Ron Paul 2012" which is basically worthless, as far as building consensus. A person who appears to be having an awakening is MUCH more influential than someone who is in your face. And it is not being dishonest.

"We" must do the same in NH, and SC as well.

Research "building consensus," and practice it whenever you/we can.

Get out here!

I've been out here for the last month. Put together 4 meet-ups (2 in Des Moines, 2 in Ames- the last one tomorrow night: http://www.meetup.com/Ron-Paul-2012-Ames/events/35969762/) linking supporters up with the official campaign.

We need a precinct captain for each of the 1,700+ precincts in the state.

Contact groups out here to endorse/support Ron Paul (Iowans against the Death Penalty, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, etc.).

Go on your social networks and contact people in Iowa about how to vote in the Primary (and even switch back to what-ever party afterwards).

We can win Iowa but we need to keep organizing and working at it. If you have time come out for a week or two (now is just as good as later) and help the campaign make phone calls or go door-to-door.

Jack Wagner

caucus state

"how to vote in the Primary"

I thought Iowa uses the caucus system.

Broken link...

Ah, the black out of r-on p-aul broke that link...

Jack Wagner

Door to door baby

we are canvassing neighborhoods to make this happen!

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

thats how its done right there

Maximize you efforts with a few tools.

These are just some examples. You can find similar applications less costly and freeware/shareware versions, if you search around online.