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R0N$1 money bomb for debates because Ron won the debate (only 1 debate)

inspired by this
Iowa is January 3, 2012: Ron Paul wins Iowa! How do we make that the headlines in the next morning's papers across the USA?

R0N$1 is a new type of money bomb.

As it will be just after christmas people wont have that much money to donate. There will probably be a christmas and new year money bomb too.

So a money bomb that:
Only $1 donations will be accepted.
It will show how many people have donated.
New people will be able donate and join in with the fun of the grass roots promotions.

Now here is the interesting bit. The act of donating $1 will make that person feel part of the campaign. They know how to donate $1 and will probably donate in the future.

Feel free to edit and repost.
Which debate would this work best with? Is the IOWA debate the best one?

I like a comment below about an sms text donation. There is a good idea in that. collecting phone numbers too for a flash mob? You can also get updates from Ron paul. Maybe you pay to get the updates. I don't know. What do you think?

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Good thought.

Also, since freedom would be the best present anybody could get, it might not be a bad idea to avoid the crass commercialism of buying stuff from stores, and give Ron Paul money-gift cards with the donation address listed on them.
Give the gift of freedom to your RP supporter friends who might not have maxed-out their donations yet. There are plenty of RP supporters who don't have enough money to max-out the donation limit.

Think about it.
These people *could* max-out their donations IF somebody gave them a nice present for Christmas to do it with.

Anybody who has already maxed-out their donation limit and wants to donate more should DEFINITELY seek out another supporter who doesn't have the money to max-out, so they can work together to achieve the goal.

I like it

You know what! You should make a whole post on your comment. People will be thinking about christmas soon too.

Thanks for the encouragement!

I just posted a topic about it in the activism forum.

Sounds good but

Certainly not for EVERY debate.

Less is more, as a one time thing I love the idea.

And also gotta make sure it doesn't overlap with any other money bombs, as would certainly be the case if we were to have one each debate...

Good point.

which debate do you think is the most inportant? I also took off each debate. You were right.

Great idea!

It's like a vote.

Maybe a sms vote campaign would do the same but get more votes?

Who pays when donating $1? Would the campaign have to pay a charge per donation?

I absolutely love the idea.


Yeah that is such a good idea with sms. it also collects phone numbers :)
I know you can text to pay for good so there must be a way of doing it.