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Just delete this thread. im just trying to tell ya bout Occupy end the fed dallas and occupy dallas


we are live streamind from the ddfed in dallas or havebeen

radio show daily about it ron paul girl vids up
the guys wanted shirts after i said fuck the fed? they are flying off the shelf at ronpaulgirl.com which needs major work on it. I have girls4ronpaul.com

any way i am in a rush so i wont spelll. i have the show starts in a few mminutes

basically this is a post with a pletrha of things in it and if you are willing to go the links and look itd be great caue I cant repost evereyhtin froom facebok.com

i mean just start here and follow my trial (i hope you know what i mean

oh i forgot did anyone go then call in pleade


you boys suck

even my lin
ok a number would be good
y'all should know this link by now. But you guys tend to forget about me...kinda
actually dont listen to it , I get nervous when too many

lile here is good:
carolyn Karger Rocks btw

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I think you nailed it...

that and the texting thing. Maybe she driving while texting, nursing a coffee, and changing the radio station while downshifting on the way to the show...