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Banner for Blackout NYC, need opinions

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It's a good message

I like the concept of the OWS working together with the RP Revolution to attack the 'tower of power' to crumple it. A couple of constructive criticisms.

1. It is a little 'busy'. Not too clear what exactly the message would be to passers by who only glance at it. Maybe make it more clear that the pyramid is the tower of power or something. Goes into next point:

2. I think to put it plainly most people simply don't know what 'pincer attack' means. Maybe change it so that the main message is something like "Two-Prong attack the TOWER of POWER" or something like that. Then people would more readily understand the actual pyramid at a glance, as well as understand that RP Revolutionaries and OWS are working together.

Overall it's really good, i'm just being nitpicky. Good job overall and good luck!