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What Happens When all of America is Bankrupt like California? asks Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan said that the people of color in California "are not bad or evil people," but that they are bankrupting the state. He concluded, "What happens when all of America is like that, when every American city is like LA? ...What California is today, America is in 2041 if we don't change course."

Buchanan then went on to discuss the voting patterns of various racial groups in the U.S. Noting that African Americans and Latinos vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, he predicted that the Republicans faced a dire future thanks to the current demographic trends. Buchanan seemed to think this was not a very good thing.


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Regardless of colors, let's

Regardless of colors, let's say that at some point in the not too distant future the number of liberals overwhelms the conservatives and the result is long-term liberal control of the federal government.

What happens after that?

Do all the conservatives simply become liberals? Do conservatives just decide to bend over and take it?

I'm guessing that a situation like that would put a great deal of momentum behind State 10th Amendment sovereignty movements. In the long-term that would be a really good thing to have States literally take back all their legitimate Constitutional powers & functions from the federal government. Then, liberal or not, the fed gov would not be able to do anything of much significance other than defending the US, as it was designed to do.

Liberal control over the federal government, due to population increase of supporting demographics, would ultimately backfire, IMO.


In all fairness to Buchanan,

In all fairness to Buchanan, he is pointing out some facts that may be inconvenient but true. Sure, we all know some black and Latino conservatives and libertarians. But 90% of blacks and 70% of Latinos vote for the Democrats. And big spending, control freak Democrats are indeed bankrupting California. Call this "blaming the victim" if you want, but facts are facts.

Why are Democrats so favorable towards illegal immigration? After all, the steady influx of cheap illegal labor keeps wages low, which may warm the hearts of some corporate moguls but shouldn't be a part of the Democratic platform. Well, the Democrats know that at least 70% of the illegal aliens will vote for Democrats if made citizens. If the Democrats think about the political implications of demographic changes that's smart strategy. If the Republicans do its racism.

All the brown and black people I know

are Ron Paul conservatives & Ron Paul liberals.

Moreover, if you have traveled and lived in Central and South America, you will soon realize that those populations are about equally split too: half liberal, half conservative.

There is nothing about brown skinned latinos that make them liberals.

Vdare and Pat are for racial-ethnic colors the way they are, and frown on government policies that directly or indirectly allow or encourage "race mixing".

I on the other hand am all for 'race mixing'. Indeed, the more the various human ethnic groups 'mix', the better.

Sadly I am on the losing side. Data shows that mankind's various ethnic groups are separating at an increasing rate. Which is to say, what little mixing there is, its inconsequential for the big picture. For a visual, take an empty of air balloon. Next draw circles upon it. Label the inside of the circles "white", "hispanic", "oriental", "arab", "negro", "asian", "Italians/greeks/Spainards", "Indians", "swedes, Norwegians, Russians, Latvians, Germans, Ukrainians", that is group all the human varieties that you may 'see' and put it on the balloon. The circles can touch and even cross over and overlap. Now as the human population in the last 200 years has exploded in growth, so to blow up that balloon. What you will see is these circles will separate as the balloon expands. That is what is happening to the human ethnic groups today. Sadly, i think.

Your thoughts?

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He's blaming the victims and being racist about it.

I agree with Paul Craig

I agree with Paul Craig Roberts' take on his arguments:

"Although Buchanan makes many points, this is not his best book. He becomes lost in old arguments that no longer make sense, such as the claim that the poor vote away the property of the rich, and he ignores the destruction of the US Constitution in the name of “the war on terror,” which has transformed the US into a police state."

"Buchanan doesn’t address the question whether the rest of the world will miss white America. Considering the endless wars and astounding hypocrisy and immorality associated with white America since the collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago, the world is likely to cheer when power slips from the hands of what Leonard Jeffries termed the “ice people,” that is, people without souls or feelings for others. "


Ventura 2012

I agree with Pat not Roberts

I was really impressed with Paul Craig Roberts when I first began reading his articles on Counterpunch, and then Antiwar.com, as it seemed very brave of Roberts to make issues with Bush's administration, as Roberts introduced himself as a former Reagan staffer/ financial. He never says anything about Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the real deal, Roberts is a propegandist, like Buchanon.

Buchanon's books are not written for the same audience as Robert's weekly articles in progressive ezines. Robert's audience are whites who blame whites, so the winner is the white who beats up the whites best. It's racist, like voting for Obama because he is black.. racist. Pat Buchanon is stuck in Reform Party ideas, but, he still has a fan base that is stuck there too. Roberts panders to progressives, by knocking conservatives, because he was one.

Paul Craig Roberts is a LONG

Paul Craig Roberts is a LONG TIME Paleocon culture warrior just like Pat. Read his old articles on VDARE, he is strongly anti-immigration. He just recognizes that there are bigger threats these days.

The difference between Pat and Paul is Pat does not care too much about civil liberties. They have the same economic policies and immigration/cultural policies, they are both paleocons.

I am a long-time Bucananite by the way but I think he is way off here.

Ventura 2012

Good points

Good points

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