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Ron Paul on Fox News 10/19/11

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Who is this Fox News person?

She is either a master of disguise, or the first genuinely sincere interviewer I have ever seen on Fox. It is almost scary or Ron has simply finally starting to reach these people at such a deep level that they can no longer ignore him. It is like ignoring the wisest teacher you ever had, knowing full well that they are infinitely more intelligent and finally realizing you can do much better by recognizing that they may have sage advice at a critical time in the human existence.


INterestingly, that

is the same anchorwoman who atttempted to ask Ron about some "wierdo" supporter a couple weeks ago. I don't remember what was wierd about the supporter (were they naked?) but they brought Ron on to talk about it and he shut them right down. Her face was red as a beet last time she talked to him.

See: ROn Paul brilliantly shuts down dumb question (youtube)

Ron Paul will win it all!!

I'll second you on this...

I've been following Paul pre-2007, and I've NEVER seen such a respective dialog between a Fox anchor and Mr. Paul.


Glad I wasn't the only one...

Saw you must be from Oregon. Just got back from visiting the family up there. I grew up in Ashland area.


Email Fox-news and thank them

Email Fox-news and thank them for the respect they have been giving him lately. If we do not reward this behavior then they will not continue it!

"Ideologically pure...and tough as nails!"

Still love that closing comment on the Saturday Night Live skit last weekend...seems to appropriate apply here as well :-)

Loved the last comments in the studio

Loved the last comments in the studio where they RECOGNIZED Ron for having said this for some 30 years!

Wow, am "I dreaming"...or is the media "waking up"...?


You're dreaming ;-)

those last comments need to

those last comments need to be put into a RP video ASAP. those are fantastic and you can tell the anchor understood what he was saying

One of his best. Getting much more respect

He looked and sounded great here.

He seems to be getting much more respect, even at the debate last night several others referred to him in a postive manner. They shook his hand afterwards. Romney even is trying to take some of his best lines. There was one instance where Romney began,"Now let me get this straight, we borrow money from China to ....". It sounded so much like Ron Paul's classic answer in one of the debates during the last campaign. I really think they are studying Ron Paul and stealing his material.

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A Fox news commentator shows exceptional "Respect" to the good Doctor.
Thank you Fox news, a great video and news clip.



I disagree with Dr. Paul that he was given enough time to speak! There I said it. Now no one can say I agree with everything Ron Paul says lol. ;)

The only

Man who makes sense!!! I hope the country is listening.

More people are working government

jobs than there are people to pay for it. We have to be adults and realize there is no money to sustain such an idea. Reminds me of children who demand something when there is NO wherewithal to do it...

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that was awesome!

I wish someone would call him on cutting the department of indoctrination...I mean education. AND give him time to explain to the people. For some reason the masses believe that cuts to the DOE would somehow hurt education...it seems to slip the minds of a majority of voters that they didn't have a DOE when they were in school. You know back when we ranked first or at least up high in education..instead of 47 like we are now.


the internet, the biggest complaint I am seeing is the job cuts--that there's already too many unemployed, etc.

Again, here in this interview, I hear Dr. Paul saying that cuts are over a several-year period--and through attrition--meaning when someone quits/retires, nobody will be hired to replace said person.

I believe it's very important that "we" keep spreading on other sites that nobody is losing their job outright!

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Same complaints I am seeing...

but the truth is...if we let it keep going like it is, we will all be employees of the government, much like countries that we are trying to not emulate.

Most of his plans will create jobs in the long run...especially cutting corporate taxes which should bring business back to America..and of course these companies will have to hire people.

It's time to get off the government tit and let America go back to work. But, as always, it is up to the American people to make it happen. Not holding my breath on that one. Most live their lives from day to day and not caring about the long run..and I don't see that happening. They want their checks and they want them now.

A+ Interview

Now that I've wiped the sleep from my eyes it is time for me to donate to the moneybomb.

thank you for posting


Great interview!

Ron Paul is definitely stoked and on fire. He has no long face and is running the race with grace!


they just keep getting better.

Even some of the MEDIA is coming around.


....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

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That was great!

Thank you Fox.


Maybe they finally figured it out. (It could happen!! LOL)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

one almost gets the sense

that Dr. Paul's greatness is appreciated by these two anchors at the end of this clip. We can only hope that his wisdom and humility are fully appreciated in his lifetime and that we as the human race don't blow it right now...


Have you noticed how more and more they call him, "Sir"?

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excellent interview

the best articulation and presentation I have seen Dr. Paul give so far... definitely a keeper...

Awesome interview!

This was an awesome interview for our good doctor. He got a great clear message out and they supported him very well. I like the comment at the end. "Time is catching up with him"

These interviews just keep

These interviews just keep getting better and better!