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Cain says on CNN

That Ron would not be a good President. He says it on Piers Morgan Tonight but they just ran a clip.

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Is Herman Cain turning out to be the Republican Obama?

During his campaign for president, Obama would raise more money from Goldman Sachs than did all the Republican candidates combined. Other top Obama donors included JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. His administration would return the favor. Despite promising that no lobbyist would have a place in his administration, within days of the inauguration, the president had already made a dozen exceptions, staffing high posts within the White House with corporate lobbyists, many of whom-- like Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson-- came from Wall Street.

Fast-forward to 2011, and while assuming the mantle of the grassroots Tea Party movement and speaking the language of reform and change in style, Herman Cain is already siding with the banking establishment in substance. The inconsistency couldn't be more clear in Cain's position on Wall Street and the Occupy Wall Street protests: "To protest Wall Street and the bankers is basically saying you’re anti-capitalism."

But what's capitalistic about the way Wall Street runs? Capitalism and free markets are all about letting voluntary economic interactions reward productive behavior with profits. The last decade in particular has seen this system turned upside-down, with the government in Washington using taxpayer dollars to reward unproductive and irresponsible Wall Street behavior with profits taken from the wallets of responsible, hardworking Americans. Protesting Wall Street is actually anti-socialism in a country where the government has privatized Wall Street's profits and socialized its losses.

Ron better start taking the

Ron better start taking the gloves off...or liberties finished. We are currently in third place (and we need to stop kidding ourselves by stating that we are in first), and in order to move up to first he needs to speak the truth. Ron I understand you are a nice guy, but if you continue to be a nice guy you are going to finish last once again. There's too much at risk, Ron. Be aggressive.

Dear Ron, Don't listen to

Dear Ron,
Don't listen to above poster..just stick to the issues. As you know so well, we do not need a "hothead" for a President, and I appreciate your almost unequaled patience. There are many people who do not see you as "nice", and way deep down I think they are right. Besides, arguing with these idiots, as you rightly know, would not do as much damage to them as they are doing to themselves.

If he moves to first place in

If he moves to first place in the MSM polls, then the attacks on Dr.Paul will intensify. I myself, prefer that he fly under the radar for now.

The MSM is not always right and in Ron Paul's case, it's my belief they will end up dining on crow.

I hope your right. If you're

I hope your right. If you're wrong, liberty fails again. If he remains quiet, the MSM will continue to do what they always do. Say nothing.

The former chairman of the

The former chairman of the Kansas City Fed and supporter of Alan Greenspan doesn't think Dr. Paul would make a good president.

Well maybe he's right, because who wants a man of integrity and honesty, a man who follows our Constitution? When we can have more of the same, like slick Cain or Romney or Perry, etc.

Nicholas Biddle and 2nd National Bank supporters said the same

thing regarding Andrew Jackson! Herman Cain is Nicholas Biddle.


Jackson's reply was always, NO BANK!
Andrew Jackson's campaign slogan was 2 words: NO BANK!

But this type of nonsense is

But this type of nonsense is on national tv from a candidate who is garnering more than 20% of the Republican support. This is not good for Ron. This is just bad publicity and I can assure you, this will make more media news than the Black This Out Money Bomb.

If the American people buy in

If the American people buy in to this nonsense, then they will end up with the president they deserve.

This is what happens when we have a dumb downed populace. Thanks to the Dept. of Education and agenda driven talking puppets in the MSM and on talk radio.