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NJ.COM: Eat your broccoli: Understanding Ron Paul's position on Iran

Eat your broccoli: Understanding Ron Paul's position on Iran

Note Ron Paul's remarks at the 1:23 point of the above video. Again, he does what no conventional candidate would do: He points out that President Reagan swapped arms for hostages in the the Iran-Contra deal.

That's true. of course, but it's a tough point to make in a country where most of the populace - including most of the candidates on that stage - has no idea who either the Contras or the Iranians were.

I met a Contra or two during the 1980s when they were fighting to overthrow the Marxist party that had taken over Nicaragua, the Sandinistas.

Those were the days, boys and girls, if for no other reason that it was so easy to keep track of the good guys and the bad guys during  the Cold War era.

The bad guys were the communists, and the many American left-wingers who flocked to Nicaragua to give them support in a plan to take over all of Central America and then Mexico. The good guys were the Contras, who forced the Sandinistas to hold free elections, which they promptly lost.

Mideastern politics is not so simple. Many people like Rick Santorum (seen in the above video) divide the sides in the Mideast into the good guys and the "terrorists."

If you are among them: Sorry, but you're stupid. Terror is a tactic. One man's terrorist really is another man's freedom fighter. If you doubt that, consider that the Sandinistas called the Contras "terroristas."

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A very intelligent and easy

A very intelligent and easy to read article. Me likey.

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A good use of an internet click.