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The Ron Paul Road Warrior: Iowa

Just finished off my work in Iowa. Heading out on Monday for the South (and 2 more early Primary States). You can read all about it here:


They Can't Black This Out!

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Thank you!!..

... but someone please tell me it is not true that Ron Paul polls 10% (third) in Iowa and Gingrich 9%. How is that possible?

Plano TX

Based on Jak's 18:10 comment...

...I would say it's NOT.

Either a completely FAKE poll (I lean towards that) or one where they land-line phoned only "registered Republicans who voted for MacInsane in 2008."

Iowa GOP Caucus is Same Day Registration

I forgot to mention this in my article (will update), but one of the party members that attended the RP meet-ups mentioned that there is same day registration at the GOP Caucus.

January 3rd, 2012.

Jack Wagner

Great work Patriot!

Love reading the stories!

Keep it going and I totally agree!

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It's been an interesting adventure so far.

Jack Wagner

Ron Paul are the only Lawn Signs I've seen in Iowa

I just realized the only lawn signs I've seen out here in Ames are Ron Paul signs. They aren't all over the place, but there are absolutely no lawn signs for other candidates. It's all local issues and Ron Paul.

Jack Wagner