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Coincidence?? Gaddafi killed RIGHT on time to Black Out RP through the weekend!!

Whether a staged FALSE FLAG or not... this sure will be the dominant story for the next 3 days, right?? And no doubt leading to the COMPLETE exclusion of ANY publicity whatsoever for the Money Bomb...

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Wait, so let's get this

Wait, so let's get this straight.. we all recognize the media blackout of Ron Paul with the "black this out" money bomb, and then it's a giant conspiracy when it's not mentioned?

Good god... and you wonder why many view us as crazy? Take your 9/11 truth and report to infowars.

I don't know whether Qaddafi

I don't know whether Qaddafi is truly dead or not, but your point is valid. The US government has 0 credibility on events of this nature, and they usually coincide with other significant events that go unreported in the mainstream. It's interesting to me that 10 years ago, nobody would doubt a claim like this coming from official sources, but after WMD's in Iraq, the Osama is dead farce, and fake 'Qaddafi is dead' photos two months ago, people all over the world have doubts. The age of American influence is pretty much dead, which may not seem like a big story to the regulars on Daily Paul, but most Americans still falsely believe we lead the world. It's hard to lead the world when nobody believes a word you say. I don't think the media had any intention of giving Black This Out much coverage, but now they have a good excuse to give to Paulites who complain about it. If the money bomb had raised 6 or 8 million in 24 hours, I'd be more inclined to believe the 'qaddafi is dead' news was an attempt to distract people from the totals, but it wasn't as impressive as all that.

I'd lay off

whatever scripts you're poppin

Yes it is a coincidence.

Yes it is a coincidence. Nothing more.

You are 100% right. The

You are 100% right. The rebels in Libya decided to kill him so that the US media wouldnt cover Ron Paul.... time to turn off Alex Jones...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

They killed Ghaddafi so they

They killed Ghaddafi so they had an easy way out of talking about Ron Paul? They do it all the time. They don't need to assassinate somebody to not have to mention him. He'll probably get MORE attention to hear his response on the matter.

I think it's more a case of being "rained out"

we had our moneybomb knowing there'd be a slight chance of rain this week- and we got it.

If anything...

I think RP will get more of a chance to talk about Gadaffi since it's news again. All the pundits are going to want to ask RP why he thinks Gadaffi is such a good person after he criticizes Obama for abusing the office again.


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I don't figure the media was going to report

anything special on Ron Paul, money bomb or not. Ron Paul will have channel his resources directly towards the people. It's a shame, but it's seems to be reality. Our media is more controlled than I would have thought.

alan laney

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Gadhafi's $93B?: Where did it go?: Who got the money?

Libya: Moammar Gadhafi's Billions May be Unaccounted For
ABC NewsBy SUSANNA KIM | ABC News – 44 mins ago
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's war chest might have been large enough at one point to support fighting against rebel forces, but how much Libya's Transitional National Council can extract after Gadhafi's reported death remains to be seen.

Gadhafi and his family had an estimated $33 billion and $60 billion in unaccounted money around the world before his death.

The country's oil wealth, as the world's 12th largest oil exporter, was a source of high-living not necessarily for Gadhafi but for his children.


All I know is

the celebrations in Tripoli right now http://news.yahoo.com/libya-tripoli-celebrates-reports-gadda... will probably later be revealed to be staged, just as the Saddam statue crowd was revealed to be staged http://articles.latimes.com/2004/jul/03/nation/na-statue3

Yes it's a coincidence. Let

Yes it's a coincidence. Let it go and let's focus on the big picture of ending foreign aid.

thats a stretch

I like conspiracy theories but to think they did this to black out 2 million? Not sure about that.

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You've fallen into the paradigm...

...of calling them "theories." Most of them (9/11 truth, FED being PRIVATE banksters, Gulf of Tonkin, etc.) are well documented FACTS.

As George Noory says, and many agree, there is NO such thing as a coincidence.

I didn't fall for anything lol

My point is, I am focusing on the bigger picture here. Us raising 2 million dollars and them not reporting it does NOT have to do with this guy.

You have a CONSPIRACY that YOU believe could be true as in there is nothing BACKING YOUR THEORY which in my head makes me see it as a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

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