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The Truth behind Gaddafi's murder

You all know better by now than to believe The U.S. News Media, the U.S. State Department, The CIA, The Pentagon, and The President of the U.S.

Libya was not a "dictatorship" in the traditional sense, and Momar Gaddafi was not the evil rogue portrayed by Western propaganda.

If fact, he was a hero. Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar Plan and Libya’s Public Central Bank would have changed the monetary system and freed all of Africa from the Private Central Bank System. Ultimately, it might possibly have freed the NATO host nations from their own parasites – Vampire Private Central Banks.

Gaddafi’s courage and pioneering efforts in trying to restore national sovereignty and making the government responsible to the people instead of to the Global Banking Elites is the reason why he was targeted and killed.

NATO terrorist attacks will not get the Western nations out of debt – only an honest Public Central Bank – like the attempted Bank of Libya – would.

But guess what? With Gaddafi now out-of-the-way, the IMF and The World Bank have moved in to Libya, and have reestablished their control and dominance there. And (black man) Obama was the ringleader in the effort to reassert the impoverishment of Africa.

There will be no independence, and there will be no freedom.

The only way for a Country to be Sovereign is to have sovereign control of its money.

The Bankers (and their corruption) won again!

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While the 'Circus' applauded

Thank you for this article. The resistance of the Libyan people against the NATO invasion of their country is heroic.
It is unfortunate that so much commentary is ignorant of true history and easily makes leaps to outrageous conclusions based on assumption of knowledge of events they don’t have. So many obviously parked their brains the day they reached for the remote control to their TV.
The history of Gadaffi's Libya, to be found on major internet archives, is almost completely opposite the propaganda paraded in the mainstream media. Third-Party accounts, and official reports of what had transpired with The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya are easily found throughout the internet - for those wanting to know truth before making decisions concerning FACT. It appears that Gadaffi was less a 'Dictator' than the Presidents and Prime Ministers who have manipulated his demise. Was that done on ‘our’ behalf ? Or on behalf of the 'power brokers' who really control what has happened - the Bankers and Corporations ? Gadaffi was a figurehead - he ceded all power to a democratically elected government in 1977.
Those believing that they live in a democracy could only wish that they had as representative voice in government as was enjoyed by Libyans. Free housing, free education, free medicine, free electricity, cheap gasoline, a monthly check-in-the-mail from sale of national resources (oil) – could we all have it so good ?
We have all been lied to - the difference is that there are some who perceive the manipulative nature of the propaganda being fed us.
Gadaffi, the Man and The Martyr, is no threat to Libyans - he is a demonstrable threat to the International Banking Cartels and Corporate-Oil interests whom he ousted from Libya. His social 'model' demonstrates that direct democracy and socialism can 'work' when a nation's resources are 'nationalised' and used for the national interest. This is obviously contrary to the interests of the 'Oil Cartels'. A planned gold-backed Libyan currency was against the interest of the Central Bankers as was a Libyan-funded African development Bank.
Libya’s National debt is 9% of GDP. Look into The Great Man Made River Project.
Hillary Clinton's response to reports of Gadaffi’s murder was very telling – what’s funny about slaughter or war ? who are the "we" she speaks about ? are you and I included in her 'club' ? WHO GAVE ‘THEM’ THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE WAR ON LIBYA ?
Unfortunately, from this reader's perspective war in Libya has only just begun - this was never about Gadaffi as a Man, or even about his demonstrated successes in Libya - a visionary for Africa - and the rest of us.
There are many questions, not the least of which is - Why has an al-Quaed-affiliated “friendly” political entity been gifted both international recognition and a ‘national-home’. With the unknown convolution of ‘deals-within-deals’ and ‘wheels-within-wheels’, be sure the price was higher than The Libyan Sovereign Wealth.
Thank you, again.

Posts like this that are just outright insane should be deleted.

This makes us look like complete idiots.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Banks? Maybe. Probably not.

Maybe he was a liberator in regards to the banks. But hes no friend of liberty. What I do know is he purged the universities when he took over, trampled on free speech with political prisoners, Reporters without borders says press freedom is 160/178, he was enriched as dictator of Libya, and he praised the Lockerbie Bomber.

I guess you guys don't watch RT...

I'm not going to say Gaddafi was a hero or anything, but the Libyan conflict was probably most recent demonstration of NATO war propaganda we've seen.

1. There was no evidence that Gaddafi was killing civilians - the reason why NATO intervened was because there was speculation that there Gaddafi was using planes to airstrike protestors which no evidence was presented.

2. Under UN mandate, NATO was only supposed to maintain air superiority and takeout anti-aircraft emplacement to protect civilians. Instead, they went further than that and actually sought full regime change by secretly arming the rebels, targeting and destroying civilian infrastructure and establishing a central bank and a puppet council of unelected individual who may have ties to Al qaeda. Without NATO paving the way by leveling the country and creating civilians casualties( which they were supposed to protect), the rebels would have never gained ground.

3. Lastly, who really won here? The people of Libya? Will Democracy prevail? Hardly... Though the media painted it as a fight for democracy, what we were really watching was tribal warfare. Libya will never be the same again. Gaddafi may have been a dictator but he kept the 100s of tribes in check. He did have some social programs that benefited the people, but it's not a model for civilized society like ours. Now the NTC may not be able to control the rebel fighters so it might degrade into another Somalia.

But the winners here are the oil companies. As soon as NATO got control of the oil fields, a lot of oil deals were made and much of the money frozen that belonged to the Libyan people were handed to the the rebel leadership. What the people of Libya got was no food, no water, lost homes and a lot of dead bodies.

So just believe me when I say there is more to this conflict then what they are telling you.


Today's Two Minutes Hate: Quadaffi



reedr3v's picture

The OP and most comments below cite

NO or appallingly few sources. Come on folks, we're in a pitched battle for hearts and minds. It's not good enough just to spout off opinions. We need credible sources and facts and information. This movement is about education, not just venting.
Sorry to sound negative, but I also didn't understand the point of the parenthetical addition in the OP.

Steve Pieczenik on Gaddafi's murder.


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This is nothing like the killing of Al Awlaki

NOT a US citizen.
Was the US involved DIRECTLY in the killing?
I have less of a problem with this (if reports are true).
A hero, hardly.
There is more to this than money and banks.

Actually, the PRIVATE Bankers (and their corruption) won again!

In today’s world, banks are essential. A Central Bank is like the heart of a human being. It pumps money into the economy just as a human heart pumps blood. A nation’s Sovereign Public Central Bank, like the Bank of Libya which makes loans interest free, produces prosperity and freedom from compounding debt. A Private Central Bank, like the USA “Federal” Reserve Bank or the Bank of “England” is a vampire system for legalized theft of a nation’s assets. A Private Central Bank forces a nations’ citizens into compounding debt  -  into debt-slavery. The implantation of a Private Central Bank into a nation’s economy is the exact equivalent of a vampire disguised as a doctor doing bypass surgery on a patient to pump more and more blood AWAY from the patient’s body and into the vampire’s fangs! A Public Central Bank is an Organic Bank which is accountable to the citizens. A Private Central Bank is a Parasitic Bank accountable to no one.


STOP feeding JAVA the troll

He doesn't understand capitalism, or free markets, or the time cost of money, as explained by RON PAUL in today's WSJ Op-Ed:


Ron Paul understands that

no nation can be a Sovereign Nation that does not have sovereignty over issuing its own money. Issuing the money supply is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL ASPECT OF SOVEREIGNTY!

wrong again, JAVA

Ron Paul favors competing currencies, NOT sovereign currency:


BTW, the "dollar" referred to in the Constitution was Spanish. See page 14: http://mises.org/books/rozeff_us_constitution_and_money.pdf

Thus, your view is contradictory to that of our Founding Fathers'. Please do some reading before espousing blatant falsities.

Obama's speech on the matter

Youtube has Obama's "Qaddafi is dead speech" on the front page. There are more dislikes than likes lol

The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it

The fact that this post got so many up arrows,

shows just how ignorant most people on this site are.

Qaudaffi was a savage. Mere criticism of him was punishable by death. That's not a hero, but a coward.

And Libya is down at the bottom the index of economic freedom. http://www.heritage.org/index/country/Libya

Quadaffi was not murdered. Murder is unjustifiable killing. Killing him was justified. Torture by the Libyan people would have been even more justified.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Using foreign policy information from Heritage,

is the same as getting it from the CFR. Gaddafi was a brutal dictator in the past, because like most dictators from the region, Saddam, Mubarak, ect, is the only way to make peace by gaining control over opposing elements, that have been at odds for decades. Especially, when referring to Libya, where there are hundreds of different tribes. Just look at our country, where there are two major parties who can't seem to compromise their differences. From listening to people like Susan Lindauer, Gaddafi was making great strides in changing his old ways of leadership and using Libya's wealth to help his people to become prosperous. He probably should of relinquished power sooner and allowed for elections, but like most leader's of countries with mass resources, they fear the new leader might succumb to nefarious outside elements (World Bank, IMF, ect), who will 'use every trick in the book' to gain control of those resources.

He didn't want to relinquish power at all.

So your saying that, a dictatorship or monarchy is preferable to a republic or democracy because the next elected leader might ruin the republic or democracy?

this post got so many up arrows

because the people here are sick of being the pickers and choosers in the world. Most are weary of the alliances becoming entangled and besides I highly doubt the freedom fighters in Libya, the LIFG will prove to be much better.

I'm just waiting until they discover the mass graves holding the 700,000 murdered Libyans. My guess it will be much like the infamous Iraqi WMD's.

The the Colonel a bad guy, probably. There are so many even here at home. You know what our problem is? Ron Paul says it best, "we just can't mind our own business."

As far as Libya being socialist, how's that our problem? Are we still following Wilson, making the world safe for democracy? We better start looking at the log in our own eye.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio


You are terribly uninformed. In the past 40 years, Libya had become a model for modern civilization. Free housing, free education, free health care, gas at 14 cents a gallon, no national debt, newlyweds were given money to buy a home, given a monetary gift with the birth of a child. Women prominent in politics. Low infant mortality, high level of literacy. No central bank. No or very low interest loans. A water project was turning the desert green.

Now the Libyan people will be robbed of their resources and impoverished by the NWO.

Go back to Occupy Wall Street

if you think "free" healthcare, "free" housing, and "free" healthcare, and government subsidizing gas, government giving out "free" money, and so on ...socialism, is a good thing.

And you are wrong that Libya has no central bank: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Bank_of_Libya

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Keep speaking for your Masters

like a good little debt slave.
The artificial implantation of a Private Central Bank is an OFFICIAL SURRENDER OF SOVEREIGNTY by the host nation. The Private Central Bank’s owners become the source of ALL power, because they have HIJACKED the nation’s money supply. The host nation, no longer being sovereign, obeys the orders of the DICTATOR. The controllers of the money supply – the real source of power – DICTATE to the host nation what nation’s foreign policy will be, in their goal to have a ONE-WORLD debt-slavery system where the dumbed-down debt-slaves are human cattle to serve the parasites. The debt-slaves are sent into foreign wars not in the National interest, but in the interest of the debt-slave masters. Young men & women of the host nation go into these wars thinking they are fighting for “freedom” and “democracy”. They are actually fighting for debt-slavery and dictatorship – the dictatorship of their Private Central Bank debt-slave masters.



model for modern civilization? - surely you're kidding

"Free education, free health care, etc."

Even if your assertions are true (for which you provide not a single source), they aren't even remotely capitalistic. Government can't dole out "free" stuff unless it first takes. This is known as REDISTRIBUTION. What you're asserting sounds more like socialism than a free market.

I submit that you are uninformed. (Please note that none of my comments endorse US military involvement, IMF involvement, or the like).


Not sticking up for him, but on this point...
Ghadaffi didn't take anything from his people (in the monetary sense), the "free" stuff was paid for by the sale of oil (not taxes), which belongs to the libyan people, he was just giving everyone their share of the proceeds. Of course HIS share was much bigger. ;-(

Yeah he was a socialist

All oligarch's with a propped up strong leader will want socialism. Its the fastest route to communism which makes them the owner of all capital. In other words they own everything. Sure Gaddafi was not a good person. But Gaddafi was a boy scout who locked the door on the full blown slave master. The boy scouts dead and the door is open, they have a central bank now, the slave master has his headquarters now. Gaddafi stole the oil riches from your generation and passed out some favors to control everyone. The slave master is going to enslave every generation from here to eternity. Every generation of that country from know on will have to back all their slave master loans for ever. no matter how much he borrows. He will use every recourse for his own purpose. These resources will not pay for any infrastructure. The people will be taxed to pay for that. Do you as an American citizen get a check from the government for the resources taken out of the ground of your country? Nope! Not only do you not get a cut, but you have to buy the resource that they steal from the people. Every thing that is built for the public is payed by your labor. There is nothing free. Even people who get something for free is not getting it from the government. The government steals it from someone else and then redistributes it to the one who has need. It is charity by force. By the time the money master is done with them Gaddafi will look good. (which he is not)

Good points

Yes, some idiotically parrot whatever nonsense some uniformed person spouted just before them.

Gaddafi was a tyrant and his people lived in terror and poverty. They had no opportunity and finally many brave young people stood up to throw off their chains.

They were fighting for freedom...people suggesting the tyrant was a hero who was murdered by some rogue state actions are simply idiots.

Are you better informed than Ron Paul?

"Are we better off as a nation by ignoring and debasing our Constitution? Are we better off having spent more than a billion dollars attacking a country thousands of miles away that had not threatened us? Are we more financially sound having expanded the empire to include yet another protectorate and probable long-term military occupation? Are we more admired throughout the world for getting involved in yet another war?
Still, many will claim that getting rid of Libyan ruler Gaddafi was worth it. They will say that the ends justify the means. As the civilian toll from NATO bombs adds up in a war started under the guise of protecting a civilian population, even the initial argument for intervention is ridiculous. We should not forget that there were no massacres taking place in Libya before the NATO attack. The attack was a dubbed a preventative humanitarian intervention. But as soon as NATO planes started bombing, civilians started dying."
- Ron Paul

plainly stupid

The man was no hero. He was a thug, a dictator holding Libyans in bondage and it's submoronic to suggest he was some kind of freedom fighter. The man was a mass murderer.

There is NO evidence to suggest he was trying to free the world from central banking...his support for a different monetary system throughout Africa was like his support for everything he did. He did what was best for him.

It's incredibly STUPID to say otherwise and you have absolutely no evidence to the contrary because quite simply none exists.

Americas biggest export

death and destruction.

aka war and inflation

war = death
inflation = destruction

I think we're saying the same thing


I am sickened

By this show of inhumanity. I saw nothing on this mans part to warrant this. It is murder.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain