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Video Update: Ron Paul on Meet The Press, NBC Sunday 10/23

Youtube ~ full interview (thanks, oldskoolpatriot)


See the whole thing on Meet the Press site: Down the page in videos, scroll down past Hillary - all the way at the bottom. Thanks to ashleyjean78!


Check local listings for times in your area. 9-10 a.m. ET on the NBC-TV network; 10:30-11:30 a.m. ET in New York and Washington. Rebroadcast at 2 p.m. ET Sunday, and 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. ET Mondays on MSNBC on cable.

East Coast NBC Live Streams:


and / or


Our Meet The Candidates series continues with Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Can the Texas congressman break out of the pack? Where does he stand on the important issues facing our country?


This is a lousy show but non-internet people always watch it. It should get him publicity, and it will probably be VERY tough. We need to wish him the best and KNOW he can ROCK it!!!

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Was It Really Defense to Attack Bin Laden?

See below.

Does it annoy anyone else?

Does it annoy anyone else when Dr. Paul's proposed cuts are referred to as Draconian? Draco didn't cut the budget; he enacted a harsh, statist penal code.

These aren't Draconian cuts from a federal budget. These are necessary cuts from a Draconian budget.

Up is down

In the empire of lies.


Ron Paul is the Dana Kunze of politics !!! :D



Can't Copy the Trillion Dollar Plan

Where can we find a pritable copy?
Thank you!

Rick Perry's Buddy Florida Gov. Rick Scott Defrauded Medicare

According to Hardball TV Host Chris Matthews has revealed today that Texas Governor Rick Perry's Buddy, Florida Gov. Rick Scott was found guilty of defrauding Medicare. (see below)

**FLASHBACK** : Rick Scott's Columbia/HCA Was Fined $1.7 Billion For Defrauding Medicare

At $100 Million, the newest Medicare fraud case still doesn't come close to what Rick Scott's company paid for defrauding Medicare.

On June 23, 2009, the New York Times reported:

"Officials in Miami reported breaking a Medicare fraud ring that they say spanned five states, used 29 fake storefronts and tried to steal $100 million from Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Eight defendants were charged in the elaborate scam that the authorities say billed Medicare for bogus H.I.V. and cancer infusion drugs using storefronts in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina, the authorities said. Two of the defendants and about $30 million are still missing."


Poll on US NEWS - GO ON AND VOTE! He has 39.51%


Monday, October 24, 2011Subscribe | Contact Us
Who is your pick for the Republican presidential nomination?
0.36% Michele Bachmann
10.92% Herman Cain
2.01% Newt Gingrich
4.69% Jon Huntsman
3.99% Rick Perry
2.8% Gary Johnson
0.85% Rick Santorum
34.88% Mitt Romney
39.51% Ron Paul

Bad Link!

The link takes you to the results page, you need to back space out or delete the last part of the link from html back to nomination, then it works! :)


Use this link instead


Thanks Queen of Liberty

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

He looked good and was great in this interview!!


Volunteer from home http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/faq.php. For any other questions, please call Volunteer HQ at (703) 398-1316.

One Hour For Liberty: http://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/one-hour-for-liberty/

Go to the post for "Nevada and more call for Paul" and see more info!

Ron Pauls going to be on

Ron Pauls going to be on Hannitys TV Show Tonite... Heads up!!


With the VP JUDGE! 8pm EST, posted on RP 2012 Website! :)


Swiss Banks May Pay Billions, Disclose Names:

"U.S. and Swiss officials are concluding negotiations on a civil settlement amid U.S. criminal probes of 11 financial institutions, including Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN), suspected of helping American clients hide money from the Internal Revenue Service"


Credit Suisse Group is #2 TOP DONOR!!! Hey Mitt Romney, what's up with that???


Has anyone seen ANY MEDIA Coverage on Ron Paul today??? With the exemption of the ATTACK story on Student Loans!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THE CAMPAIGN DOING???

Here's one pretty good radio Interview from this morn:

KTRH interviews Ron Paul


"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Stop blaming the campaign

They don't own the media - the enemy of the people does.

Ron Paul at his best.

I've seen him hundreds of times and been often frustrated by his speech patterns (only to find people here claiming he kicked butt.)

I remember when he was on with Tim Russert and came across as whiny and defensive, but this time he really did nail it with precise, forceful answers.

It is a fact that no other

It is a fact that no other candidate will end all foreign aid as they are paid for by companies vested in Israel's interests. Therefore, Paul can win the nomination if he can convince the republican voters that foreign aid is not necessary, especially when our country is broke. He can consistently separate himself from the rest of the pack on this issue alone.


The MEDIA has ignored the 2.7 Million & The OHIO WIN 4 Ron Paul, they NEED 2 BE CALLED OUT - Where is the OUTRAGE???


Complaining to the media is like the chickens in the coop complaining to their wolf guards.

Talk about falling on deaf ears!

But Freedom3, the campaign knows this, certainly RP knows and understands this, and why.

That's why they are bypassing the media and buying up so much commercial time. They have to BE the media, and spread the word themselves.

I just hope they have enough money to accomplish their desires as far as blitzing the media with RP commercials. The BLACK THIS OUT money bomb raised $2.7 million, but I was hoping it would be over $6m, with all the additional support compared to 4 years ago.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford


I am not suggesting that the Campaign complains to the Media, I am saying that the Campaign SHOULD hit the media with the FACTS! They can use Debates/TV/Radio to counter the media attacks & show the BLACK OUT is REAL! So far, their ADS have been PAUL against the OTHERS, BUT - without exposing the MEDIA, most people will see these ads as just another candidate going after another candidate! Exposing the MEDIA & showing PEOPLE HOW THEY ARE CONTROLLED, will gain more momentum than just attacking the GOP Field, IMO! IF the MSM is EXPOSED, the People will respond - remove the WOOL from their eyes! :)

Post the contact info here

Post the contact info here

Muckraker, Inc

What media?

Bravo Ron Paul!

More kung fu fighting on those jackals from the media who send in their goon to ask the loaded questions. But Ron Paul deflects this weak and unskilled goon's ambush and uses the loaded questions to clarify his policy and get some positive sound bites in for his campaign.

Right on Ron Paul!

meet the press acts like they

meet the press acts like they have a moral high ground, but really they're just full of smear tactics


When I watched this interview live yesterday morning, at 13:08 when Ron Paul was asked about what he'd penned in Liberty Defined about little difference between the two parties, I am almost positive that the following passage was displayed on the screen.

HOWEVER, watching this clip, it appears that a different excerpt from the book appears. (One on Bipartisanship: One stating Ron Paul disagrees with bipartisanship)

I am not at home so I cannot review if indeed the other passage from Liberty Defined was in fact displayed during the actual interview but I'm pretty sure I recall seeing them display the passage that David is referring to.

Bias confirmed!!!!

I just watched the segment I recorded from Sunday and in fact the part where David Gregory mentions that Ron Paul has mentioned in Liberty Defined that there is little to no difference between the parties, in the segment that aired the correct chapter in the book is displayed. It IS NOT the same chapter displayed in the clip herein!