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Corporate Media Tries To Marginalize Ron Paul's More Than $2.2 Million In 24 Hours

The sons & daughters of liberty are incensed by the corporate media’s continued bias against Dr. Ron Paul, so they’re fighting back with their voices AND their wallets!

If you’ve been listening to the corporate media outlets, you might not have gotten the memo that Dr. Paul raised more than $2.2 million in the first 24 hours of the Black THIS Out! money bomb, a grassroots event that is striking back hard for Americans everywhere.


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Maybe it should be converted

Maybe it should be converted into Iranian Rial...

" Ron Paul raises 23,260,424,281.59 Rial in 24 hours! He cannot be stoped!"

I'm just sayin'

" But I must say tonite that I know that justice is indivisible- injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Ho, Hum

2 million, easy. Not news.

When he spends those millions, you can bet the advertising sales departments at lots of TV stations and newspapers will begin to beg their editorial news departments for more respect toward the candidate.

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To be the devil's advocate here...

They reported on previous bombs to the best of my knowledge. They could simply be waiting until the bomb officially ends. For example - if I was a journalist I probably would have waited till the weekend for that final count.
But you could also very likely be right.

I don't understand why we don't include the first $2 million

on the ticker from the 18th! I mean they extended the money bomb thing from a one day thing to a 3 day thing! So in essence Ron has gathered $4 million. It could still be included within the 24 hour period! Anyways that's my thoughts.


that money was not just from the previous day, but from the weeks preceding the money bomb.

We know the media is not going to be friendly towards Ron Paul.

The important thing is "what" the campaign does with the funds. I say pour it all into the early States. Produce 10 minute infomercials that tell the extended story of even why the corporate controlled media shuns Ron Paul (i.e. GE profits up 45%) with big war spending.

alan laney