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-Video- Adam Kokesh Converts Occupy DCer

Adam proves to a guy that he's actually a libertarian and the guy didn't even know it. When the guy comes to realize that he actually is a libertarian, what could he say, BUT, "All hail the libertarian hypnotoad!" Too funny!

This video proves to be a very good lesson on how to reach others with our message......

Show them that they are not who they think they are. Show them that they are not one of them, BUT they are one of us.


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No Adam didn't.

Adam talked with an AMERICAN at a protest space created by other Americans. He was not a "Occupy DCer". Adam is not separate from Occupy if he is in the space. He is part of the process. Occupy creates the space. It is more concept then a person. Americans fill that space. Stop the divide and conquer nonsense.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”


I was at my local OWS today. Had an end the fed sign and the people I talk to are sympathetic to RP but are scared of not having government regulations. I told them if they want regulations then Goldman Sachs and pharmaceutical companies are more than eager to write them for their own benefit.

this is great!

all hail the libertarian hypno-toad! ha ha ha!

I like guys like that and guys like this one


Guys like those two are the type that CARE, that is they think they "CARE ABOUT PEOPLE" and the 'human condition'. They want 'the best for the most'. So that is where you must start. And if you ZERO in on that every minute of your conversation with them, you can dialog on forever.... You can chat with these guys til the cows come home. Then one fateful day, they will join you at a NORML rally or some other rally. Then you'll hear them start saying your points, zeroing in on principle of individual rights and 'negative' freedom and free market economics and 'building a nonaggression society'.

The conversion of these kind of guys all starts with the word CARE, as in "I CARE about people and I care about them equally" ...and if you can say "I CARE" before every-other sentence you utter, then over time, you will have a new libertarian.

A typical conversational response might go like this.."Yes I hear you man, raise the minimum wage would be great. It would be great for a great many people. But I am afraid that it would be worse for many other people. I care about those people too. And since we both care about the total overall effect for all people, that is we both care about all people equally, we must know if raising the minimum wage will be a net benefit to us all, or will you & I be just picking winners at the expense of all of us? Now we can do this thought experiment, which isn't perfect, but what would be the result if we raised the min wage to $100 per hour? Lets think what would happen then....--Yes, not good. Lots of unemployment would be caused by that. So we may reasonable guess that even a small min wage would cause small unemployment effects. Now, what if there was no min wage? Would employers be able to pay zero?" And on it goes. You may be revisiting this again and again over many weeks and months. No conversion of a liberal to a libertarian is overnight.

Another great place to start with a liberal is where they already agree with your conclusions. Now its a matter of zeroing in on the reasons why. Take an 'anti-wars' liberal who has a "love peace not war" bumper-sticker. Again, BECAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT PEOPLE EQUALLY, ....drive your agreement to the principle of whats best then is a non-interventionist foreign policy. That is, offer them a much more solid grounding of their own position. Only much later, when this has been adopted, point out as a friend that you take the next position because it fits well or is in alignment with this mutually shared pro-peace position. We don't want contradictions in our arguments, that is we don't want to be laughed at on the Daily Show as being hypocrites, do we?

Now that utilitarian 'collective good' argument is the most infecting one in the libertarian arsenal of arguments. Liberals will not be adopting our self-centered morality right off. Because theirs is altruist based, the utilitarian argument is the way in. And they will dialog with you forever as you explore the history, the economics, the facts.

Now what you should NEVER do... is tell them how they USED to think. The reason for this is the Human mind never sees itself evolve. Its always in denial of its mistaken beliefs. This is why we are all so surprised when we read our 5 year old personal journals or reread our old high school or old college papers or old marriage vows. This is why many people can't listen to themselves go on and on as the watch old VHS tapes of themselves. Its upsetting. This is why most libertarians will tell you, "I think I was always a libertarian, I just didn't know it". What they are saying is, 'I didn't see intellectual self evolve'.

So, care about guys like those because they do CARE, they care enough to dialog with you as long you tell them that YOU CARE about people. Moreover, these are the kind of people who give idea-influence to many other people. They are the 'meme-carriers' as Richard Dawkins might say. They are the 'meme-vectors inside the super organism that gives rise to a surprising intelligence' as Harold Bloom in the Global Brain might say.

In peace and liberty,

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fantastic advice

makes me want to completely rewrite a comment i just posted (it was kinda negative, but not to the OP). i predict i'll re-read your comment many times in the coming months. thank you. cheers!