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The U.S.A. and M.C. Hammer Syndrome

Foreign Aid Process

After watching this video on Foreign Aid on Moxnews.com, I realized that the American Government is suffering from a severe case of M.C. Hammer Syndrome.

For those of you who missed the 80's, M.C. Hammer had a hit dance song called 'You cant touch this' based on the the music from Rick James' 'Superfreak.' He also had a couple of other hits like '2Legit' and a soundtrack song on 'The Adams Family' movie. With his success, he was rolling in prosperity and notoriously lavashed his riches on his entourage. He threw massive parties and chartered private jets to fly himself and rarely less than 20 of his homies all over the world. Over time, his production slowed and as it did his income was drastically reduced. Instead of reinvesting his capital in himself and his future, M.C. Hammer continued to give money to his friends saying "I will come back with another hit song." No hit song came. Soon M.C. Hammer was broke. His fortune was squandered and in order to make ends meet he was forced to work the night shift at Denny's (or something.)His friends and family felt terrible for draining him of his resources but the 'Hammer Empire' had already collapsed.

Is the U.S. suffering from the same level of arrogance that M.C. Hammer did in proping up the rest of the world with money it takes from its taxpayers? Or is it worse if you consider that at least Hammer's entourage liked him? We can't say that about the majority of the countries that currently receive Foreign Aid from us.

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Right now...

America is wallowing in it's ill-fitting hammer pants.

- Liberty and Prosperity -