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If everybody found one person to join us, our 12-15% quickly doubles. Many are just waiting to be asked and they thank you later

Let's all commit to finding one person a week until election time to vote for Ron Paul. I've found many are just waiting to be asked and enlightened. They then easily join us and will thank you for it later.

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Fruitful & Encouraging.

very healthy thread, the posts are so positive, with encouraging reports.
Really, there is no substitute to person to person contact and talk, to sort out the issues they have concerns about. Drop by drop, then a surging stream.
Stay on course, Dr Ron Paul is the safest, easiest, saner, wiser and trust-worthy candidate to promote, endorse or introduce to others. Remember, there is hardly any real competition, most of the candidates & obama are pygmies who sold their souls. The competition is with the big mouths in the media who wish to drown the message of Liberty, and give the impression RP is one amongst many choices. Actually RP is one against many demons.

RP is consistent, is working tirelessly, so his team & supporters need to do the same, that will only be fair.
Hopefully , this will bear fair results. I recall one of the slogans of the Occupy Wall Street protesters when they confronted the police =
"The World Is Watching".

I've been lucky

to get my Mom to switch to Republican, my sister and all of her family is voting for him as well..Even my newly 18 year old nephew. I'm proud of them all for seeing the truth.

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This really is the key...

Word of mouth advertising is POWERFUL.

How do you do it?

I just blame everything on the government. Listen to RP enough and you start to see where government intervention has made things worse than they could be. My boss had to fix the sink at work because the government made the pipes smaller so they would have a lower flow rate... all in the name of saving the environment... and now the pipes get clogged up with only a little bit of debris in them. He keeps having to spend his time refixing the same problem instead of doing something more productive. I mentioned that this just a small example of the kinds of things RP talks about... things that the government does to "help" us that end up having unintended consequences.

Point being... I don't know about you guys and gals, but I spend about 25-30 hours per week studying politics. I go to all different types of sites, but mostly liberty-minded sites... but I still listen to Fox News and talk radio too... and I even check out the Huffpo... just to see what the libs are saying. I can talk rings around 95% of the people I run into. Most people don't pay that much attention to politics, so all you have to do is speak like you know what you're talking about and people WILL LISTEN.

They all know something is wrong, but they don't know enough to know the answer. We have the answer. We just need to get up off these computers and go talk to people. I know I've gotten quite a few of the people I know interested in Ron Paul. Some of them even come up to ME and bring him up in conversation now.

He's the most honest man in Washington. He never flip-flops or panders for votes. He voted against the Patriot Act, the bailouts, the wars, the spending and Obamacare. He's the perfect candidate because he appeals to BOTH SIDES. Let people know that. We can do this people. We have the numbers. Word of mouth advertising creates exponential growth. Eventually everyone will be talking about him if we REALLY get busy spreading the word.

I wore my RP t-shirt

at the VA in Portland OR today, and had lots of thumbs-up
from both the patients and staff...registered an RN voter and
gave her a bumper sticker...she said she'd put the information about having to be registered as R by Apr. 24 to vote in primary for R on FB!
She thanked me for wearing the gear and I told her that as long as MSM continued to try to black out and marginalize, I would
consider myself a walking billboard.
The more of us who do this will encourage others to join!!

Critical mass approaches, stay the course!! Thank you to all of you who do!


It is getting easier

He is much more "mainstream" these days since everyone is sick of the wars as well as pissed off about the economy.

It is pretty easy to pick ANYONE except obama BUT the great part is, it is even BETTER to pick RON PAUL over the rest of the candidates running.

Besides the media b.s. the one thing people need to remember is the majority of folks don't watch EVERY news station and read EVERY news article like we do. All you need to do is find ONE issue or item that is important to someone and then explain the CONSTITUTIONAL view behind it and then note the ONE CANDIDATE who is actually fighting for THEIR ONE issue.

I think many go into talking about ron paul ready to SELL or FIGHT because the media has made us feel like used car salesmen at times lol. Just remember you are doing them a SERVICE by letting them know about ron paul and educating them all at the same time.

I too was thankful for anti war supporters who happened to be ron paul supporters as well WHO woke me up one day. It wasn't them SELLING me on anything but simply being nice, stating their points and allowing it to sink in. It either sinks in or it doesn't BUT it is up to the person.

All we can do is get the message out there. It is up to them to accept it. Man does that sound like religion LOL.

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You're So Right

When G.S. (not sure if mentioning names is allowed!) introduced me to RP, she didn't ask me for money. Instead, she asked about my political concerns...for me, it was our government's position of policing the world and sending so much foreign aid. She then shared Ron's foreign policy with me. At first I was a little troubled with cutting aid to Israel...but after reading more on this site, I realized their Prime Minister said they didn't need/want it. You could say I got educated! And, then reading/learning more, I was hooked...and so was my money! I initially gave twice, but it didn't go through and then gave 3 more times.

You're so right...find what's important to people and they will give and fight along with Ron Paul supporters.

I've got at least 10 people

Convinced he's the guy for the job, and they'll vote for him, but I can not get them interested enough to donate! I told them just do $1, JUST ONE. No takers. I'm still working on them. I'm not real good at asking anyone for money. I'm getting soooo frustrated. I'm going to have to press them for donations. They just don't understand how important it is for grassroots to donate. We have to help NH, Iowa, and the others early on to set the precedence. I see it could be a landslide for the nomination.

Get out the vote!

Most states will require the voter is registered R. Please confirm for your state.
A couple days before the primary/caucus, call and remind them. The morning of, call and remind and directly ask that they will be there "to vote for Ron Paul to RESTORE AMERICA."

A friend asked me what I knew about Ron Paul

...and thus the beginning of my conversion this week! I've been reading this board and watching Ron Paul videos - well into the wee hours of the morning - for the past several days. I love Ron Paul and his stance on just about every issue. Because of same, I have contributed to this fundraiser and will continue to do so in the future. I wouldn't have known had someone not reached out to share Ron's message with me. I'm thankful and I'll be sharing with others as well!

48 year-old convert!

Good news!

Pay it forward.

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Glad to have you on board!!!


Great Post !!!!!!

It is so true !

I have been actively talking to a number of people, and the one guy that I am focusing on, is a union steward, if I can convince him, I may end up convincing many.

But it is not as hard as it may sound.

This particular guy, knows that the system is corrupt, in the past has voted for Pat Buchanan, and agrees that Ron Paul is the best choice, but has reservations about Dr. Paul's age and seeming lack of support amongst voters.

But I say, like the OP, if we all just get one person, we double our numbers.

Thanks for posting.


Just tell him he's right! Dr.Paul has no chance if you don't vote for him!

That'll twist his mind!

Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

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Great answer!! I'll remember that one and pass it on to our



I converted one of my brothers.

He turned his boss and some of his friends on to Ron Paul.

It is easier to convert young people. They are more open to giving new ideas a hearing.

I have told co-workers about Ron Paul and shown them videos. They have been polite but they still support Obama. They are older (in their 50s and 60s). They are set in their ways.

I have also argued the case for Ron Paul to older family members who are Republicans. They listen to Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al. I have not had much of an impact. Their views have pretty closely tracked those of the conservative mainstream. First, Ron was crazy and fringe. Now, he's right about a lot of things but still not electable because of his views on foreign policy.

This is progress but we are not there yet. If Ron ever wins the endorsement of just a few major conservative opinion-makers, he will win over the Republican base. These people need to know it's okay to support Ron before they will take the plunge.

Great point! I have many friends

who aren't politically active, they go out and vote but that's it. They don't get polled, they don't vote online, they don't watch debates.. but they will vote for Ron Paul if he makes it, and we know he will!

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But if the other candidates

But if the other candidates are picking up members at the same rate it equals-out.

Ron Paul supporters tend to stay Ron Paul supporters

Ron Paul supporters tend to stay Ron Paul supporters. The other candidates pickup the wandering voters based a lot on media trends. When you can personally convert someone, they tend to stay a Ron Paul supporter.

You're right: Like inviting someone to church and they feel good

It's not that hard as people want to fit in where their friends are fitting in. We have plenty of room for everybody.

I'm working on it

Hard to convince people to join the GOP as they already have an idea what the GOP is, not what it could be with them.

Great idea!

The power of exponential growth kicks in and we win and we must win.

Whenever I make the effort, I find a lot of receptive people.

I live in California. I am going to go to the registrar of voters next week and pick up a bunch of voter registration forms. I will sign up all of my family and as many of their friends as I can.

Two converts this week:

Can I take some time off?

I love my country
I am appalled by my government



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NO - work harder!! You've shown you can do it!




I tried.
Guess there's no rest for the weary.
I'll get plenty of time to rest when my hero makes it to the white house.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government