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End of America Author Naomi Wolf Arrested at OWS

Naomi Wolf is the Author of The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

...As Wolf was leaving the event, police officers were ordering the protesters to stay off the street. Reportedly, after hearing this, Wolf told the officers that those gathered "didn't need a permit for a megaphone" and that they weren't actually blocking the sidewalk.

That small offense — or rather, defense — apparently led to the officers cuffing and detaining Wolf and her companion. It's not clear exactly what Wolf has been charged with, however most of the arrests made during the "Occupy" protests have led to misdemeanor charges.


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Meanwhile, inside the Skylight Studios, Kim Kardashian was awarded a "business leader" award.

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Naomi Wolf is

a leftist moron. To hell with her and all her kind. History shows these idiots wouldn't hesitate sending all of us freedom-loving people to reeducation camps and gulags.

You'd be surprised..

Check out these interviews with Naomi on the Lew Rockwell Show. She's very receptive to our way of thinking.



Occupy is NOT Left. 70% are Independents.

Can you sense the fear in the ruling "class"? Can you see how obviously they are trying to divide the American population? I talked with an Occupy participant tonight on the train home from work. He was wearing a Occupy armband. A hundred of his friends had been arrested the night before. He is a very committed activist and he was well aware of Obama's largest contributor, Goldman Sachs. He had no love for Obama. The Occupy Movement has provided us an opportunity to unite as a population, perhaps even global, and isolate the individuals that have decided they should control our currency, our lives. That's it. An opportunity. Some Occupy protests have secured a space to meet. Now it's up to us. Labeling the Occupy Movement "left" is a tired old trick. Only a fool will fall for this trick again. We experienced this gag during Ron Paul's Tea Party. We saw how it destroyed our movement. Now, my focus, my faith, grows every-time I detect their desperation. They can't stop us. There is a critical mass of Americans that see right through their pedantic attempts to distract us. It has started my friends. Snatch your Liberty from their frail old hands.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

speaking of OWS

Comrades Of Hardline Trolls ...

... carping here behind the wall would do well to boldly consider the benefits of perestroika and glasnost.

"Gorbachev then described the difficult situation faced in Russia at the time. “We needed changes in our own country; the people were demanding change, saying ‘we can no longer live like this, we can no longer live as before.’ This required us, the leaders of the country, to propose something bold.” He said this led to perestroika, to an effort to push forward and end the totalitarian system, “to move toward democracy and freedom…and step by step towards a new economy, toward market economics. But the most important thing was freedom and glasnost.”

You'd do better if you dupicated what this man is doing with

RP "slimjims." Take the fight to the neighborhoods>>>http://www.dailypaul.com/184264/how-i-spread-the-message-of-paul

Keep away from the streets that are filled with radicals that shout "down with capitalism." You'll never do any good mixing and mingling with reds, unionists, anarchists and people that have the hearts and minds of Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the radical left in Washington. Pelosi and company aren't going to mention a thing about "auditing the Fed," or freeing up the markets. This is their show.

The turf where we can win is in our own neighborhoods, not shouting into a microphone at a street protest venue set up for the benefit of the monopolists who are putting this show on!

In 1970 big time establishment Insider and CFR luminary and former Trilaterlist Zibigniew Brzezinski outlined the future of street demonstrations in his book for insiders Between Two Ages. America's Role in the Technetronic Era.

Brzezinski's plan was enthusiastically grabbed up by billionaire banker David Rockefeller who partnered up with Zbig and Jimmy Carter to speed up the process of communising America.

Brzezenski said that "street demonstrations" would be quite handy in propelling the country into a top down managerial control of the masses. Said Brzezinski that "the politics of street protests are likely to dominate the visible dimensions of American political life."

As advoates of the "rule of law" there is nothing to gain by hitting the streets when the neighborhood where we live is ripe to be sown with the message of liberty and to introduce Ron Paul to neighbors in a non confrontational manner!

ZBig's book BTA was written as a how to book to accomplish the objectives of the policy makers and moneyed interests. It was important enough for one of the richest bankers in the world to get the concept to form a Tri-nation private organization to work toward the goal of a world-wide top down management of the planet. Brzezinski pointed to street protests not as the source of the power but only to make a point that even bankers and policy makers need props and theater to get them what they want.

Another book (And Not A shot Is Fired) written by a communist years before Between Two Ages, laid out the strategy of "pressure from below and the pressure from above" tactic. The insiders' used this formula,put into practice and rehearsed in various venues since the French Revolution, to use mobs as props to get governments (in our case congress) to act according to the plans preset by the same insiders that pay for the street performances.

Jan Kosak's And Not a shot is Fired is classic text on using mobs to pressure governments to abondone the law in favor of what the communists want - total control. http://www.amazon.com/Not-Shot-Fired-Jan-Kozak/dp/189264701X...


the stranger's picture

V Ron Paul

I cannot thank Naomi Wolf enough for her exceptionally courageous works. Her book, End of America, is example enough. She comes from the progressive left; so what. As if the 'left' has nothing to bring to the table. The ignorance and arrogance of many posts here epitomize the problem with this left vs right paradigm. As if that, in and of itself, was not programing. I feel like I'm watching Henson's The Dark Crystal.

Keep on rooting for your 'Republican' Party; good luck with that. Or... do something extraordinary; Be Naomi Wolf.

ecorob's picture

Be Naomi Wolf.

I like that!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Good thing that somebody

had a camera rolling right there to document it and get it right onto YouTube. With good reality show lighting and everything.

I doubt Ms. Wolf is too upset about being arrested, and it may have been just what she wanted. It's important for famous activists to be arrested periodically. It helps their careers and "street creds".
Might even make a chapter in a new book.

She was arrested because the

She was arrested because the police decided that *that* sidewalk was not allowed to be protested on. It was a sidewalk that anyone was allowed to walk on, just not to speak on. His "order" was not lawful and it wasn't a just arrest. Do you not think people of any "side" should fight against laws restricting freedom of speech and this idea of free speech zones?

Nassim Taleb on OWS

Here is the phattest cat on the TARP block talking about the solution to OWS. Must view.

It would be a lawful order

if her presence there was interfering with legitimate police work.

In ordinary circumstances, when nothing is going on, and you're just standing on the sidewalk, you're not required to leave an area when a cop tells you. That would be an unlawful order. But in a situation like that, and you're standing right in the midst of police, I think there's a good chance you would be convicted of interfering with law enforcement activity.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

On the other hand,

if you were across the street watching the police work, and not getting in the way, and the police told you to leave, that would be an unlawful order and need not be obeyed.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

SAY - whose side are you on

SAY - whose side are you on anyway


I'm just giving a little lesson in law here for anyone interested.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Naomi is a valuable piece.

Naomi is a valuable piece.

Naomi Wolf slapped me awake 6 years ago with one of her speeches. She scared the living shit out of me, and got me reading and researching about tyranny and government and all, and that is how I discovered Ron Paul. And then I was like holy crap there's a lot going on right now, and I never looked back.


That woman is not a friend of liberty at all. I read an article where she said she had to take prozac for fear that Obama would not win. Come on people... she is the opposite of RON PAUL and always has been.

RON PAUL 2008 Jazzloversinc

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Read her book and get back to me. The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

If you don't have time for that, listen to her talk from 2007:

People like you who want to play the divide and conquer card are lost.

He's the man.

Obama and Hillary

She said all the democrats and finally Obama and Hillary signed on to a commitment to follow the constitution, but Obama just had a Citizen of the United States put to death without due process of law which is directly against the 14th amendment. So much for that commitment.

He should be impeached.

Michael, thanks for posting this, I have a question

This is a very interesting and enlightening video. Much of what she says is parallel with Ron Pauls liberty philosophy. Towards the end of her comments she talked about the candidates signing a commitment to the constitution and said the only Republican to sign it was Ron Paul. Right after she said Ron Paul she hesitated and said, "yea I know". I don't know how to take that, was it a put down of RP? From what she said she should be a supporter. Anyone know?

Michael Nystrom's picture

It wasn't a put down of Ron Paul

It was a concession to the standard view of Ron Paul back when this filmed, back in 2007, which is that of the crazy old uncle.

To respect someone's views doesn't mean you have to be a "supporter." For example, Ron Paul works with Barney Frank on legislation in which they have common goals. Two such pieces of legislation are: 1) Legalizing marijuana, and 2) Ending the wars. In these areas they have agreement and share a common goal.

Does this mean Barney Frank is a Ron Paul "supporter." Or vice versa, that Paul is a Barney Frank "supporter."

To speak in these terms is to confine oneself to a very limited world view. It is not about the MAN, it is about the MESSAGE. It is about creating a WORLD in which the rule of law is respected and the Constitution is enforced.

So does it matter if she's a Ron Paul 'supporter' ? Obviously she respects Ron Paul's views, since she is in agreement with them.

If Ron Paul supporters could just understand this, we could get so much more done. As the old saying goes, It is easy to get anything done, as long as you don't care who gets the credit for it.

Ron Paul is a perfect example of that. Everyone is now copying what he's saying. He's the puppet master pulling their strings, and hardly anyone knows it.

He's the man.
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well said

well said

Thanks Michael,

I did some research on Naomi Wolf and saw this Lew Rockwell interview with her. Sounds like she could easily be on our side especially due to the fact Obama has continued the policies of the neo-cons. Its well worth viewing and sending to our progressive friends. http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2008/10/31/58-am...

"Yes, you're breaking a law because you just recieved

a lawful order."

I love it. They really believe they can legislate through the spoken word. You know, the way God spoke the earth into existence.

my fav

That's my favorite part too.

In actuality he just committed a crime by arresting her with no warrant or cause of action.

Typically when a person seizes another person without warrant or cause that is called kidnapping, but you do not call it that in court, just prove the fact that your person was seized without cause.

She sounds more like Ron Paul

I don't know how you could go wrong.
Trusting that someone could change, really smart people do all the time.
Stupid people stick with the team that screws them out of fear, or argue that the world is flat. LOL

Ron Paul is the only person that makes any sense.
If he doesn't win the Republican nomination.

We need to get him to run as independent?
I mean what do the the main stream have?
Obama Is more conservative that Ron Paul..by a mile.

She is about truth and not the top 001%.

Give this a listen..
Naomi Wolf Explains Our Constitutional RIGHT To Peacefully Assemble http://youtu.be/kCuax-3DeBc

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

wolf is a committed leftwinger

Her agenda was shaped years ago and no police handcuffs or a night in jail won't convert her into a free market Von Misesian.

Save your prayers for those Paulites in the OWS to go home and quit occupying streets filled with reds, unionists, anarchists and get back to being precinct capitans for Ron Paul.



demonizing the brave Americans that are holding the Occupy space is despicable and that type of behavior is what aleinates Ron Paul supporters from real American patriots. You know, Americans that are really doing something. We have all gained an enormous amount of information here on the DailyPaul and other venues. It's time we got to these protest sites and represented the liberty message. Sitting back and heckling Americans that are trying to wake up the rest of country is cowardly. In addition, a new study showed 70% of the Americans at OWS were INDEPENDENTS. Stop the labelling OWS "communist" and help.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

She's skewed libertarian over

She's skewed libertarian over the years. Don't write her off yet. A endorsement from her would go a long way with progressives.

I like Naomi Wolf

I might not agree with all of her solutions.

But she has been courageous and outspoken in standing up to the State and pointing out the problems.

This is someone who coalitions can be built with.

Honestly, it's a shame that so many have the attitude that you do.