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Youtube blacks Ron Paul out

I subscribe to a channel called moxnews. It give you a wide selection of msm reports/stories that i can compare and contrast, ignore or whatever.

The default setting when I view subscriptions shows the latest videos. Yesterday Mox uploaded a Ron Paul video from Meet the Press. I found it at the top. Later that night he uploaded all 15 minutes of the interview in one clip. It was there briefly and now has vanished.

Now if I click on the subscription to mox it shows back up. However on on the default page that shows updates from all my subscription the video is nowhere to be found despite videos thumbnails visible right now that were uploaded before.

So google is screwing around with Ron Paul as well. Winning a primary is all about turn out. Most people don't vote in them. Get the people excited about the possibilities and you can win the primary. The msm and now google feel the need to hush Ron Paul's name because they know what can happen if his word spreads.

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has moved back to their old Moxnews Youtube channel while they work out copyright issues on their current channel.

It is actually their old Moxnews channel.

Youtube is not blocking out Ron Paul.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

I am subscribed to both. The

I am subscribed to both. The videos showed up in the default setting yesterday but disappeared last night. Youtube is filtering him out. Why would it not show up? Something tells me you arrived at your conclusion without reading what I wrote. The last video of Ron Paul on mox is dated 2 days ago. For some reason the 3 he uploaded yesterday are invisible on the latest video page. Now it can't exacly be a copyright claim because he has uploaded several other videos 8 hours ago that appear. The 3 RP videos have not been removed.