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Iowa: Ron Paul supporters energized, promise organization

IOWA CITY — Because of his leadership position with the College Republicans, University of Iowa senior John Twillman won’t be endorsing a candidate. What he can say, as someone who has attended nearly every 2012 GOP event on campus, is U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has far exceeded the excitement generated by other candidates who have made appearances.

“As chairman of the College Republicans, I come out and support all of the candidates who are on or near campus. So, I came here tonight to both hear what Ron Paul had to say and support him,” Twillman said following Paul’s Friday night appearance at the Iowa Memorial Union when roughly 1,000 people set aside their homecoming festivities in order to hear what the Texas congressman had to say.

“There are many more young people at Ron Paul events all the time than there are at any other candidates’ events because he speaks to the young people.”

Although the same could be said about Paul’s support in 2008, which did not lead to caucus night victory, Twillmann added that he is seeing such energy translating into organization.

“I know they are going to be caucusing [in 2012]. I know this because we have several Paul supporters who are showing up at our meetings each week and many of them are interested not only in caucusing themselves, but in getting others to caucus, running polling places and getting literature out. So, I’m very confident that they will caucus on January 3,” he said.


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WoW! This could be the best

WoW! This could be the best article from a newspaper I have seen YET! Just yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooo!!