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The State Is the 1 Percent

The "occupy" protest movement is thriving off the claim that the 99 percent are being exploited by the 1 percent, and there is truth in what they say. But they have the identities of the groups wrong. They imagine that it is the 1 percent of highest wealth holders who are the problem. In fact, that 1 percent includes some of the smartest, most innovative people in the country — the people who invent, market, and distribute material blessings to the whole population. They also own the capital that sustains productivity and growth.

But there is another 1 percent out there, those who do live parasitically off the population and exploit the 99 percent. Moreover, there is a long intellectual tradition, dating back to the late Middle Ages, that draws attention to the strange reality that a tiny minority lives off the productive labor of the overwhelming majority.

I'm speaking of the state, which even today is made up of a tiny sliver of the population but is the direct cause of all the impoverishing wars, inflation, taxes, regimentation, and social conflict. This 1 percent is the direct cause of the violence, the censorship, the unemployment, and vast amounts of poverty, too.

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Jason Hommel on LewRockwell.com

A well written article from Jason Hommel on LewRockwell.com
"Give to Caesar; Give to God", -

He is really gifted, and labors to clarify fine points /parables in the Bible. In this article he makes clear matters of money, - usury & taxes. I will copy two quotes,
"Skeptics and fools cry out that God sanctions slavery. The reality is that God calls his people out to freedom.

Skeptics and fools cry out that God sanctions usury. The reality is that the prophets described usurers as extortioners, murderers, thieves, & slave owners, etc."

He has 3 detailed articles on usury on his website-s.
# Usury Enslaves Jan 19, 2004
# Freedom from Usury Jan 23, 2004
China Wants Gold! (& Verses Against Usury) June 30, 2009

Lew Rockwell:

Brilliant. Ingenious. Cool. Smart. A Prince Among Men.

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

Eliminate the 1%...

...and there will always be another 1% to fill in its place.

Eliminate the source that feeds and nourishes the 1%, and you have a 1% at the mercy of the 99%.

Getting government out of the way of the people serves only the people. And that's the way it's supposed to be.

Eliminate U$ury.

D, correct & fair add-wise. U$ury is the source that feeds, nourishes & corrupts the 1%. Usury itself is evil & harmful, and it is the incentive & motivation to commit more fraud, e.g. fake paper-money, bribery, blackmail, threat, murder, lies, etc.

When you turn On the Light, = ban usury, make it a punishable offense, then the bank$ter will vanish, govt will shrink.

No way

You need to have loans, and lenders need to be compensated for the risk.

What needs to be banned is fractional reserve banking.


borrow money into existence either. It can just bypass the whole private Central Bank Money (and borrowing from them), and instead create money directly at no cost to taxpayers from the U.S. Treasury.

This was the way that our Country was supposed to work.

In your scenario, the

In your scenario, the Treasury is essentially acting as a central bank by deciding how much money is going to be created.

But there is one big

But there is one big difference, we can loan money to ourselves at 0% interest. The second advantage is the money in circulation would be backed by some commodity. Our current Federal Reserve Note(s) is 100% debt, it is not money. It is loaned to us from the FED out of the goodness of their heart. To quote the demon Rothchild: "Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes it's laws".

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

That's true at times. The

That's true at times. The greenback LibertyBaby is talking about was not backed by anything. Loaning money to yourself is the same as printing it. There are a lot of Keynesians out there (Paul Krugman) who want the Fed to do exactly this: Loan to the government at 0% interest. The way banks and individuals acquire control of the money supply is through government-granted monopolies (the Fed) or capturing the public central bank (England).

No Ri$k = Loan Covered.

There is No risk in lending, the lender takes a pledge, something of higher value is Mort-Gaged by the borrower. Being in Debt is like an engagement with Death. If the loan is unpaid then the lender terminates /transfers the pledged item to it$ own name. Or, the lender takes a "power of attorney" which allows it to sell the pledged item and recover the loan amount.
U$ury is the root problem, - fractional reserve banking, paper money or the federal reserve are secondary. Fractional reserve banking is the extra greed of the lender bank, to earn exterra interest. Interest is the incentive & motivation to bankers to commit fraud, issue fake money, lend many times more than the money in circulation. To perpetuate the system they hire liars, lawyers, judges, priest, pimps, prostitutes, murderers, jokers, jailers, politicians, debt-collectors, etc.

The bankster$ create a group /gang /clan of "vested interest" by offering & sharing usury with the depositors of money. This gives the impression to borrowers that they are borrowing money of some savers, who will be collecting interest on their deposits. Actually the FRB system is in operation. If the depositors do Not withdraw their money from banks soon then they might lose it all. The banks are about to collapse, like the "golden cow" got burnt.

Not when the 1% control 70% of the Nation's wealth

The 99% are powerless and impoverished, which is why the people are out there in the streets.

It has come down to Revolution.

Wealth or faith paper ?

You say 1% controls 70% of the wealth. I will assume you equate wealth to dollars.
100% of the people use dollars, and 99% are on one side of the wealth distribution.

The dollars value is based on the faith of the user.

Why do the 99% covet the dollars, it is this simple act that is the foundation of what you protest. You are getting beat by your own faith, or lack of it.

LibertyBaby, why do the people put so much faith in such a worthless piece of paper ?
Why do they covet this useless piece of paper ?
What is wealth ?

America's Descent to Depravity.

LB, I guess you will appreciate the article linked below, -
"America's Descent to Depravity" by Prof. John Kozy,

you will find even Prof.Kozy misses the effects of U$ury.

Note to LibertyBaby:

You've got an awful lot of your viewpoint resting on the opinion of Bismarck, a horrible tyrant of the worst sort. Just read about the role he played in precipitating the Franco-Prussian war. His lust to unify the German people was no more admirable than Lincoln's cronyism in creating robber barons through the railroad. That's right, your beloved Lincoln was arguably the one who *created* some of the first really serious robber barons, and he knew exactly what he was doing in that regard. (He was surveying the land that his Federal government would clear of its inhabitants and give to the railroads well before the war.)

Thus, the response of many here to your statist position is, more or less, we've had enough of that crap. OWS folks would do well to get on board with us.

Anyway, I could go on with the "get a clue" advice, but others have already given you a good dose.

This is totally bogus propaganda

Here's what Lincoln said (a direct quote):

"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me & the financial institutions at the rear [ The Bankers ], the latter is my greatest foe.

The money powers preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.

Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed."

--President Abraham Lincoln

Until you show some sort of hard evidence that Lincoln helped the Bankers, you have absolutely no case here. Lincoln bypassed the Banker's system, and created the debt-free Greenbacks. The Bankers could not profit from debt-free Greenbacks. That took away their power over the government.

Do you have a source for this

Do you have a source for this quote or the Bismark one? Lincoln supported railroad subsidies and special privileges (you can find this information via google) and while railroad companies aren't banks, they were probably the most powerful corporations of the day. In general, the Whigs and later the Republicans were for a central bank, "internal improvements" (corporate welfare), and mercantilism. This is in contrast to Thomas Jefferson as well as Andrew Jackson, an anti-central bank Democrat who you've mentioned on this very page. Him and Lincoln had very different philosophies on the economy, money, and the role of government in these two areas.

LibertyBaby, increasing

LibertyBaby, increasing government power is not going to solve problems created by too much government power. Lincoln was a crony capitalist, he was in no way opposed to the bankers and big corporations of the day.


Rockwell nails it.


The Rockefellers are not "the state".
J.P. Morgan is not "the State".
These corrupt Banking and Wall Street Corporations are not elected by anyone.

It is wrong to conflate this enormous private power and greed with the concept of public representation.

But it is true that this private power has bribed "the State" to the point where they both function now as one-in-the-same, and therefore today both are to blame.

But the Robber Barons (who were private wealthy Capitalists) took over this Country many, many decades ago, and "Wall Street" is their headquarters. And so it is fitting that the masses of the people are gathering outside their mammoth buildings, and letting the World know that their rigged economic system is a continuing crime against humanity.

$tate & U$ury.

LB, we appreciate your standing the ground against usury. your posts have received many negative votes, it seems a bit unfair.

Over the years I have often visited LewRockwell.com and enjoyed reading many enlightening articles, even some by Ron Paul. This was well before Ron Paul decided to stand for election in 2008.
The article posted above was posted by me three days earlier on another thread of DP, - surely because I agreed with the contents. See = http://www.dailypaul.com/183909/occupy-wall-street-puppeteer...
posted on - Submitted by Najam on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 11:37.

Same-time I had always felt something missing at LewRockwell, i.e. the condemnation of U$ury. U$ury is insidious and it has hijacked the state.

We all believe that "Order is better than confusion". I do Not think that Ron Paul wants No state, but only reduce the scope and size of govt & state. After-all he is standing for election as head of the U-$tates. There will always be the need for "Administrators of Just Laws", therefore some organization is needed, we can call it the state.
Earlier there was opposition to organized religion, because they abolished or banned usury. Then monarchs were toppled who had sympathy for the nation, and carried responsibility. Lately the ruler /leader of Libya was toppled and killed. Ghaddafi provided welfare to his nation and he lent money to them at zero interest.
The banksters have given them$elves the "License to Kill", the hands of the rest of humanity are tied. When the elected leader is killed it means the "Will of the Sovereign People" is killed. The mafia /cabal is getting away with it, and here-in lies the problem.
We can argue endlessly about the merits & demerits of the State, and LewRockwell members are masters in this field.

We have to agree on some things at least -
1. U$ury is an evil sin, it enslaves, extracts & controls.
2. The state licensed usury, allowed evil to grow.
3. The state lost control, is now hijacked & controlled.
4. Humanity needs safeguards against the evil extortion.
5. Life, property & legitimate enterprise needs protection.
6. Majority is unaware of the evil effects of U$ury.
7. Only a strong force can match a strong force.
8. The usurious banksters are very strong today.
9. State's leaders carry people's trust thru elections.
Considering the above we need the state for an important role =
10. Since the state allowed usury, state should abolish it. Only then can the State withdraw, after cleaning the mess.

Otherwise the bankster's private armies will play havoc with the people. So I repeat = "Order is better than confusion".

To conclude in the best manner I will recall the best teaching = Ron Paul reminded about the "Golden Rule".
Please type the rule, = "- - - - - -", thanks.

You make no argument against usury.

You only call it names. Try again.

"usury" isn't bad. If you

"usury" isn't bad. If you don't like the rate, don't take the loan.

It's people that are hitting cognitive dissonance between their religious indoctrination and a natural rights understanding of morality that tend to brandish the word "usury" around as if it has any bearing on what consenting adults can or can't do.

"Righteous Indignation"

"Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. In some Christian doctrines, righteous indignation is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesus drove the money lenders out of the temple". (Gospel of Matthew 21)

Without the state (and it's

Without the state (and it's legitimized coercion), capitalists, no matter how rich or "greedy", would be servants of mankind, not masters.

If only that were true...

Private wealth (and power) is answerable only to its shareholders, and not to the public at large or mankind.

Do you think J.P. Morgan ever gave a damn about "mankind" -- whether or not "the State" had capitulated to his greed?

"The State" capitulated only because the Bankers were able to use their wealth to pervert the system and plant insiders within the government -- like Senator Nelson Aldrich (who got the Federal Reserve Act passed). They also murdered key individuals within the government (such as Congressman Louis McFadden) that threatened to shut them down. So who is the real aggressor here?

The coercion came from the private power, and it is still what dominates us today. We go to Wars -- not to enrich the State -- but to enrich Exxon-Mobile, Halliburton, G.E., Lockheed-Martin, private Bankers, and the War Industry. Who did Dick Cheney work for? The State? No -- he was working on behalf of Halliburton and their interests the whole time. That's where the coercion flows from.

With proper regulations, the State would be a firewall against people like the Rockefellers and the Morgans from using their wealth to manipulate and pervert the entire system.

We all live as slaves in the shadow of enormous private power. The State has been reduced down to their employees.

That fact is an indication of just how weak "The State" really is, and the strength of private wealth. "The State" is nothing more than a Puppet show acting on behalf of private concentrations of unethical wealth.

Whether you admit or not, you are also one of the 99%. If you root for the 1% -- you are rooting for your own economic robbery.

reedr3v's picture

You haven't yet learned to trust in peace

and freedom. Without Authority which, in the public mind, legitimatizes theft and special-interest legislation, those financial giants would never have swelled so insidiously. Yes greed exists, in both the private and public sectors. But it is mandated favortism that allows the Too-Bigs. By the time they are gigantic, the revolving door between gov. and corp. is rotating so speedily and smoothly there is difficulty distinguishing them from one another.

But the fundamental key, as always, is the monopoly of government force approved by the naive and complicit majority and always abused.

Mandated favortism

Mandated favortism comes about by the private capitalists using their wealth to get their hand-picked men placed into government to rig the system in their favor.

This is not an indication that the State is too strong, but rather an indication that the State is too weak.

For the State is far too easily subverted time and time again by the mere wishes and whims of private wealth. This is the root of the whole problem.

And who makes the money? The State?
No...the riches all go to these great concentrations of private wealth, while "The State" goes bankrupt.

That tells you who is in charge, and who has all the real power. They call all the shots, and "The State" has been reduced down to merely their servile employees.

reedr3v's picture

Please imagine a truly free marketplace,

no special favors, no bailouts, no liability caps and shields from government. All of the corporations and financial elite you are concerned with rely on those special privileges granted by the state -- those you call employees of the financial elite. 2 points:

Those elitists are not merely greedy, they are obsessed by power as well as money. And they are at least several levels more intelligent and creative and driven than their politician-employees and the army of bureaucrats. No matter how much power you try to give politicians and the bureaucracy to reign in the financial masters, they will always disappoint your hopes. They aren't smart enough to trap the tycoons, nor motivated by purity of heart. They will remain captured by their own lust for power/security that the money men can satisfy by back room deals and open support.

The only hope is separation of government and the economy. And this should be an ideal you can get behind. For without government favors, a purely free marketplace is the most democratic possible system. We are all consumers and each time we purchase or trade services, we vote. We vote for companies and products and services we like. We boycott those that don't serve us well. that is why monopolies will not grow in freedom. Sharp, motivated entrepreneurs will compete to offer cheaper, better service. There will be no system of licensing and codes and requirements that make it too expensive for start ups to compete. There will be maximum innovation and creativity and options for consumers.

All government can do is stop human energy from achieving human wants and needs. It cannot order cutting edge creativity. Bureaucracies always stifle innovation and cement monopolies into place to avoid offending special interests.

1) "Do you think J.P. Morgan

1) "Do you think J.P. Morgan ever gave a damn about "mankind" -- whether or not "the State" had capitulated to his greed?"

The riches of successful entrepreneurs is not the cause of anybodys poverty; it is the consequence of the fact that the consumers are better supplied than they would have been in the absence of the entrepreneurs effort.


The wealth of the well-to-do of an industrial society is both the cause and effect of the masses well-being.

2) "The coercion came from the private power, and it is still what dominates us today."

Do you understand what coercion is? Exxon isn't going to come to my house with a man in an attendants uniform to force me to pay my taxes to fund additional Exxon men to go to Iraq and kill innocent people.

Response ...

1) "The riches of successful entrepreneurs is not the cause of anybodys poverty".

No one, including anywhere in the Occupier Movement, is faulting mere entrepreneurs who make a valid product.

We are talking about the unethical private, for-profit, Banking & Financial system and these global, mulitnational capitalists that have preyed upon our nation like vultures, taken over the government (via criminal activity & subterfuge), and destroyed it.

2) "Exxon isn't going to come to my house with a man in an attendants uniform to force me.."

Have you looked at your Oil bills over the last 10 years? -- and compared to what they were before then? Highway robbery indeed! But they steal from you in a more subtle way too by using their wealth to plant an insider (like Dick Cheney or Condolezza Rice) into government. And for the record, the CIA has been called "Capitalists Invisible Army" for a reason. They don't operate to protect the people. They operate to ensure the control of World Resources by multinational Corporations and private profiteers (powerful Banking families). It's not "The State" that makes the money (in fact the State goes bankrupt) -- it is the Private interests that walk off with all the riches. Follow the money!!!

Again "The State" has been reduced down to mere employees of the top 1%.